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An Educator's Guide to Understanding Workplace Harassment
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School boards and educators now have convenient access to the practical advice and expertise they need to develop and refine workplace harassment policies and to investigate such complaints. This is in order to identify, respond to and ultimately prevent workplace harassment in our schools. An Educator's Guide to Understanding Workplace Harassment is the first resource on the subject that traces the genesis of workplace harassment through common law and labour law, conceptualizing it specifically for school boards and educators. This book provides practical advice based upon a comprehensive review of relevant cases, arbitration decisions and legislative trends that are informative and helpful to anyone managing an educational workplace. This resource helps you to:
  • Draft and implement the right policies to respond to incidents of workplace harassment
  • Accurately identify and distinguish inappropriate workplace behaviour from workplace harassment and assist board and school staff to appreciate this distinction
  • Hire and/or train the right investigators to perform a fair and balanced workplace investigation
  • Confidently and effectively conduct interviews
  • Understand your various options after a claim is filed, including mediation
Policy precedents, an interview guide and an investigation checklist guide you every step of the way through the process.
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