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Breathalyzer Law in Canada: The Prosecution and Defence of Drinking and Driving Offences, 4th Edition
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In three volumes, this service offers subscribers a comprehensive, in-depth and current look at the state of the law as it pertains to the procedural and substantive elements involving drinking and driving offences. Charges covered include impaired driving, driving 'over 80', failing or refusing to comply with demands for a sample of breath or blood, the legislative provisions, case law and the insightful commentary representing all jurisdictions in Canada. Additional features include checklists focusing blood demands, blood samples, care or control of a motor vehicle, and the Criminal Code offences as they pertain to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians, the investigating officer, or the qualified breath technician; selected sections of the Criminal Code involving forensic DNA analysis; sample orders regarding approved breath analysis instruments, approved screening devices, and approved blood containers, and certificates of qualified technicians and analysts; sample alcohol influence reports; practice direction on driving prohibitions; legislative provisions involving suspension of licence for each province; and a Words and Phrases resource consisting of a consolidation of judicial interpretations of terminology commonly used in drinking and driving cases.
About the Author
Murray Segal practises as independent legal counsel, consultant, and mediator. He is also Counsel to Henein Hutchison LLP Barristers in downtown Toronto. Mr. Segal is the former Deputy Attorney General and former Chief Prosecutor of Ontario. He has prosecuted some of the most significant and challenging cases in the country, including Canada's largest white collar crime case. He is comfortable at every level of court and has appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada on many occasions, arguing complex constitutional and other matters. Today, drawing on his extensive legal and executive experience, he advises and represents clients in both the public and private sectors. As a criminal law authority he has national stature, having written and lectured extensively across Canada.