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Business Laws of Canada, 2017 Edition
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Written by a widely recognized legal team from a premier Canadian law firm, Business Laws of Canada explains key issues and pitfalls potentially arising from clients' commercial transactions in Canada. It provides a pragmatic overview and general reference for a basic but relevant understanding of the Canadian laws and regulations affecting business investments and operations in Canada. Its 27chapters cover topics such as:


  • Regulatory agencies (boards, commissions, and tribunals)
  • Intellectual property and business
  • Franchising
  • E-commerce
  • Employment and labor
  • Commercial litigation and arbitration
  • Real estate and the environment
  • Debt financing transactions
  • Competition (antitrust) and foreign investment review


This one-stop research source provides explanations of key issues and pitfalls and offers practice-oriented examples and case studies that make application of legal theory easy for busy practitioners.


New in the 2017 Edition


  • new rules for crowdfunding and funding portals
  • take-over and issuer bids
  • determining residency for tax purposes
  • OECD guidelines on international transfer pricing
  • ownership of pore spaces
  • new Quebec hypothec rules
  • penalties for violations of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • work permits for emergency repair personnel
  • British Columbia Skills Immigration
  • choice of law/forum in contract
  • repair and storage liens
  • resolution of the Target Canada CCAA case
  • assigning contracts in CCAA proceedings
  • equipment leases in a receivership
  • New Chapter 29 on pensions and government and employer sponsored retirement plans, including provincial standards, registration, funding, and termination issues



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