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Canadian Current Law and Canadian Statute Citations (4 Segments)
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Case Law Digests - The authoritative source of digests of the most recent and significant decisions of Canadian courts and tribunals. Case Law Digests includes digests of principles of law derived from all reported decisions, unreported decisions of appellate courts and unreported decisions of significance of other courts. These case law digests are organized by subject and classified according to The Canadian Abridgment Classification System. Also included: a Table of Cases, which updates the Consolidated Table of Cases, Words & Phrases, which updates Words & Phrases Judicially Defined in Canadian Courts and Tribunals, and an Index, which updates the General Index. Issued every month, Canadian Statute Citations keeps you up to date on judicial considerations of statutes and rules of practice in all reported Canadian decisions of courts and tribunals as well as unreported decisions of all superior courts, including trial level courts, courts of appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. Price is pro-rated throughout the year for new subscribers. Carswell can provide photocopies of the full text of cases digested in this publication.