Canadian Current Law - Complete Service (3 Segments)
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Canadian Current Law - Complete Service (3 Segments)
By: Francis L. Lamer, B.Comm, B.C.L., LL.B.
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About the Author
Francis L. Lamer is a graduate of McGill University where he studied Management (B.Comm. 1983) and obtained civil law and common law degrees (B.C.L. and LL.B. 1987) and earned numerous academic prizes and honours. He was called to the bar in 1988 in the Province of Quebec and went on to clerk for Mr. Justice Beetz and Mr. Justice Gonthier in 1989. Mr. Lamer was then called to the bar in the province of British Columbia where he has practised law since 1990. Mr. Lamer first practised as a commercial banking and real estate solicitor at a major national firm for two years before realizing that his calling was litigation. Since 1992, he has practised as a commercial litigator. As such, he has handled a wide variety of commercial litigation involving commercial fraud, shareholders' remedies, insolvency, securities law, estate litigation and family law, concentrating in those cases where knowledge and experience in commercial law is critical. Mr. Lamer has appeared and represented clients before all levels of court including the Court of Appeal for British Columbia and the Supreme Court of Canada. Mr. Lamer is also an author who has published articles about a wide range of topics including civil liberties, family law and insolvency. Among his publications, he has authored Priority of Crown Claims in Insolvency (Carswell 1996), a looseleaf book with widespread circulation in Canadian legal circles.