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Canadian Law of Inquests, 3rd Edition
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The institution of the coroners or medical examiners remains a complex balancing of public and private rights in examining suspicious deaths and bringing to light the means of making society safer. This unique book, now in its 3rd edition, covers the substantive and procedural areas of the law of inquests as well as the legislation and jurisprudence from each of the twelve jurisdictions in Canada. It also raises questions surrounding the complex issue of whether inquests should be conducted by doctors or lawyers, and the increasing complexity and prolixity of inquests. The case of Wolfe v Robinson expanded the common law rules, which resulted in inquests lasting much longer with lawyers raising legal issues that are generally far beyond the experience certainly of lay or medical coroners in Canada. Also included is an examination of the Goudge Commission reviewing the work of the Toronto Forensic Pathologist Dr. Charles Smith.