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Civil Actions
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Part of the Canada Practice Guides Civil Litigation Series In a clear, well-organized and straightforward manner, the book covers the entire trial process, from the initial interview of the client, to preparing and presenting the case at trial, and post-trial matters. Specific areas of coverage include • professional ethics and responsibilities • first contact and the initial interview with the client • things to watch for and follow-up • commencement of proceedings • pre-trial matters • discovery • alternative dispute resolution • preparation for trial • trial • post-trial matters. Full of practical tips, techniques and strategic guidance required to effectively prepare and present a case at trial, readers will discover time-proven practical advice and tactics that will inevitably improve their skills as trial lawyers and help avoid pitfalls they will invariably encounter in preparing and presenting a civil action.
About the Author
Marvin J. Huberman is a senior Toronto litigation lawyer. He is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in civil litigation, and he is a mediator, arbitrator, former administrative law judge, and adjunct law professor at Osgoode Hall Law School. He is a published author, including Carswell's texts entitled, Civil Actions, Appellate Advocacy, and Pre-Trial Conferences. Mr. Huberman is a tenacious, effective litigator with demonstrated integrity, professional judgment, and a trail of success. His website is: