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Consolidated Alberta Education Statutes and Regulations 2008
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This consolidation brings together all of the relevant legislation, regulations and government policies affecting the planning and delivery of elementary and secondary education in Alberta, from primary education legislation and policies such as the School Act, the Teaching Profession Act and the Alberta's Teachers Association Code of Professional Conduct, to school organization and financing legislation such as the Alberta School Boards Association Act, and the Financial Administration Act. Selected provisions of provincial and federal legislation that create rights and entitlements or impose duties or limitations respecting the provision of elementary and secondary education in Alberta have also been included such as Alberta's’Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act, Public Health Act, and Defamation Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, the Divorce Act, and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Regulations under the School Act include:
  • Regulation 2/99 Superintendent of Schools Regulation
  • Regulation 225/2006 Student Record Regulation
  • Regulation 1/2007 School Board Investment Regulation
  • Regulation 113/2007 School Councils Regulation
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