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Copinger & Skone James on Copyright, 17th Edition
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Editors: Kevin Garnett, QC; Gillian Davies; Gwilym Harbottle Copinger & Skone James on Copyright is a major practitioner text on copyright and related rights. Now in its 17th edition, the book covers all aspects of copyright and related rights. Structured around four fundamental rights - copyright, moral rights, rights in performances and rights in unregistered designs - it provides you with in-depth coverage that you can apply in your practice. Volume 1 contains comprehensive commentary on and analysis of relevant UK and EU legislation and all important court decisions from the UK and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). The first 10 chapters deal fully with the four fundamental rights mentioned above and cover major recent developments, such as Baigent v. The Random House Group Limited, Football Association Premier League Ltd. V. QC Leisure, Football Dataco Ltd. V. Brittens Pools Ltd., Lucasfilm Ltd. V. Ainsworth, Nova Productions Limited v. Mazooma Games Limited, SAS Institute Inc. v World Programming Ltd., Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation v. Newzbin Ltd., Infopaq International A/S v. Danske Dagblades Forening and SGAE v. Padaman. Additional chapters cover Crown copyright, publication right, database right, artist's resale right, TPMs, rights management information, fraudulent reception and public lending right. There is also commentary on the collective management of these rights and on controls on their exercise by the Copyright Tribunal and under EU and UK competition law. Volume 2 contains the up to date texts of all relevant UK and European legislative and quasi-legislative materials. The core statute (the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988) is set out in such a way as to enable you to trace its history through its numerous amendments. There are also basic precedents and court forms. Copinger & Skone James on Copyright • Presents the definitive guide to copyright and related rights in the UK • Is structured around four fundamental rights: copyright, moral rights, rights in performances and unregistered designs • Covers the exploitation of rights in specific industries • Looks at other related rights such as publication right, database right, artist-resale right, and public lending rights • Covers EU law and the International Treaties affecting UK copyright law Table of Contents: Volume I
  1. Introduction - Classification and Scope of the Protection of Copyright, Related Rights and Design Rights
  2. Nature and History of Copyright
  3. Requirements for Copyright Protection
  4. Authorship of Copyright Works
  5. The Chain of Title
  6. Duration of Copyright
  7. The Rights of a Copyright Owner: Primary Infringement
  8. Secondary Infringement of Copyright
  9. Permitted Acts
  10. Crown Rights, Parliamentary Rights and the Rights of International Organisations
  11. Moral Rights
  12. Rights in Performances
  13. Design Right, Unregistered Community Design and the Protection of Works of Industrial Application
  14. Semiconductor Topographies
  15. Circumvention of Protection Measures and Rights Management Information
  16. Fraudulent Reception of Transmissions
  17. Publication Right
  18. Database Right
  19. Public Lending Right
  20. Artist's Resale Right
  21. Civil Remedies
  22. Criminal Remedies and Customs Seizure
  23. International Treaties
  24. European Union Law
  25. The Protection of Copyright Works Abroad
  26. Exploitation of Rights in Particular Industries
  27. Collecting Societies
  28. Control of the Exercise of Copyrights and Related Rights
  29. Taxation of Copyright
Volume II
  • PART A: Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 and related materials
  • PART B: Related Legislation and Materials
  • PART C: Orders in Council
  • PART D: Parliamentary Debates on Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and Subsequent Amendments
  • PART E: Repealed Statutes
  • PART F: Copyright Conventions and Agreements
  • PART G: Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union
  • PART H: EC Directives
  • PART I: EC Council Decision
  • PART J: Precedents and Court Forms
About the Author
Kevin Garnett, QC is the former head of Hogarth Chambers and has been a Legal Member of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office since 2005. He is co-author of Moral Rights.
Gillian Davies is a barrister at Hogarth Chambers and was formerly chairman of a Technical Board of Appeals and member of the Enlarged Board at the European Patent Office. She is a specialist in international intellectual property law with a particular emphasis on the international conventions governing patent law and copyright. She is co-author of Moral Rights.
Gwilym Harbottle is a barrister at Hogarth Chambers.