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Craies on Legislation, 11th Edition
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Craies on Legislation is a practitioner's guide to the nature, process, effect and interpretation of legislation. It provides practical guidance about legislation in the United Kingdom. The title looks at the nature of legislation, the legislative process, the effect of legislation, the interpretation of legislation and the nature, process, effect and interpretation of European legislation. This latest edition is a thorough update which includes reference to relevant recent judicial decisions and legislation, in particular it includes:
  • An account of developments in legislative procedure (including new arrangements for financial legislation, involvement of the public, and Law Commission Bills)
  • Discussion of quasi-legislation and of local and private legislation
  • Expanded discussion of arrangements for devolved legislation and of EU and EU-based legislation (including the Technical Standards Directive)
  • Covers developments in relation to the exercise of statutory powers
  • An updated account of the application of the presumptions and canons of statutory interpretation (including Pepper v Hart)
  • Judicial intervention in legislation (including the correction of mistakes)
  • Features a new Appendix discussing the application of the work in relation to the law of India
About the Author
Daniel Greenburg, the General Editor, is a Parliamentary draftsman at the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel and is the author of Stroud's Judicial Dictionary and Craies on Legislation. He has been assisted by the contributions of some seventy specialist editors, experts in their fields, in the compiling of this work.