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Goode on Payment Obligations in Commercial and Financial Transactions, 3rd Edition
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Goode: Payment Obligations in Commercial and Financial Transactions presents a lucid and penetrating analysis of this fundamental area of law and helps to shed light on the numerous complexities and obscurities within it. It analyses the concepts of money, payment and obligation to pay, presenting a clear and concise understanding of these fundamental complexities.
  • Provides essential guidance on the complex subject of payment obligations
  • Offers a concise discussion on areas which are complex but of frequent practical importance (eg. interest, exchange rates)
  • Examines anti money laundering procedures
  • Analyses the potential extra-territorial consequence and implications of the US Patriot Act for foreign banks
  • Includes materials from Commonwealth and US jurisdictions to offer a comparative approach
  • In line with developments in insolvency rules and floating charges, as well as key statutory developments
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