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Human Resources Management in Canada (HRMC) - Bulletins
By: HR & Compliance Consulting Group
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The HRMC Bulletins include information on changes impacting employment law in every Canadian jurisdiction.

Editor: Carswell Human Resources and Compliance Consulting Group The Human Resources Management in Canada (HRMC) Bulletins service includes information to keep you up to date on changes impacting employment law in every Canadian jurisdiction. These Bulletins are delivered right to your Inbox on a monthly basis, along with our Employment Standards Rapid Reference Chart, which is updated and sent to you quarterly in electronic format. As well as notifying you about draft, pending, proposed and newly in-force pieces of employment and labour legislation, government policies, funding, programs and precedent-setting case law and arbitrations, these bulletins include topical commentary on issues relating to employment law and other issues of interest to HR practitioners. Each month's HRMC Bulletin features:
  • Law and Policy Watch
  • In the Courts
  • Upcoming Statutory Holidays and Minimum Wage Changes
  • Focus on Employment Law
  • Your Toughest HR Question...Answered
  • HR News Stories
  • HR Professional Development
The HRMC Bulletins help you to remain compliant and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to legal and regulatory changes and new and emerging trends and best practices in human resources management. This is particularly important because employers and HR professionals in Canada are faced with an ever-increasing legal and regulatory burden impacting the employment relationship, especially with respect to organizations that operate in multiple jurisdictions. HRMC Bulletins are also included with a subscription to Human Resources Management in Canada.
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