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Legal analysis: Improving the coherence of international standards
Recognizing agricultural and food specificity to respect human rights
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This work is the result of efforts pursued by a group of jurists who examined the issue of coherence between current or envisioned WTO rules of law regarding agri-food trade liberalization and the obligations of previously contracted WTO members working within the WTO or within other international, national or regional forums. These individuals hope that their work will make people aware of the importance of improving coordination between international institutions through improved integration of non-commercial considerations in WTO negotiations and regulations. It is particularly addressed to civil society members and to the many agri-food players working within ministries, nongovernmental organizations, and competent international forums dealing with human rights, decent labour rights and sustainable development. The volume is subdivided into three parts. Part one identifies the characteristics of agricultural products and analyzes their consideration in multiple international non-commercial and commercial treaties and commitments. Part two evaluates the level of coherence within the WTO and the level of coherence between WTO rules of law regarding agri-food trade and other international legal provisions. Part three explores constitutional and legal provisions as well as national legal measures. Also available in French. Published in Europe by Bruylant. OVERVIEW OF CONTENTS Introduction Agricultural specificity and the coherence of international law
  • The legal context of agricultural specifi city
  • The search for coherence in international law
Examination of coherence in international law
  • For better coherence within the WTO
  • The search for better coherence of WTO law with other international standards
Examination of coherence in national law
  • India and respect for the right to adequate food
  • The Latin American countries and respect for the right to adequate food
  • The African countries and respect for the right to adequate food
  • Environmental assessments
Conclusions Index
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