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The 1996 Annotated Federal and Ontario Interpretation Acts
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Interpretation Acts are significant codes for interpreting federal and provincial legislation, containing not just general rules of construction, but substantive directives on how the legislation should be applied. This practical reference contains everything required to get the right interpretation every time, including • full, consolidated texts of the federal Interpretation Act and Ontario Interpretation Act, plus all related regulations • concordance to related provisions of the Interpretation Acts of the other provincial jurisdictions, in table form and following each section • concise case summaries that illustrate how these statutes have been applied by the courts in interpreting other statutes, shedding light not just on interpretation legislation, but on a wide range of statutes and regulations, from penal statutes and labour legislation to rules of civil procedure and the taxing ordinances • section-by-section commentary discussing the operation of each section of the two Acts reproduced • index and table of cases.
About the Author
David Keeshan is an Ottawa based consultant and legal writer. Formerly a Managing and Acquisitions Editor with Carswell, he has abundant experience in structuring, critiquing and writing legal reference materials. He is an author, editor and contributor to a variety of legal publications.
Professor Valerie M. Steeves is Director of the Privacy and Technology Project, at the University of Ottawa’s human Rights Research and Education Center. Ms. Steeves teaches criminal law at Carleton University’s Department of Law. She also teaches courses on technology in the practice of law, and civil litigation, at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Common Law.