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The 1998-2002 Dubin Lectures on Advocacy
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Featuring addresses by: Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C., Sir Sydney Kentridge, Q.C. and Justice W. Ian Binnie, Supreme Court of Canada A series of special lectures in honour of Charles L. Dubin, former Chief Justice of Ontario, upon his retirement. A warm blend of wisdom and wit, these outstanding lectures, part of a series created by The Advocates' Society, provide an unorthodox look at the trials and tribulations of the trial advocate and offer a host of tips to improve your advocacy skills. Each speaker draws on his experience and knowledge based on a lifetime of advocacy work and gives you an invaluable look into the ways of successful trial advocates. Footnotes provide cites of cases and articles referred to for further in-depth research should you so choose. Explore with these esteemed advocates:
  • The ups and downs of the judge/advocate relationship
  • The importance of asking the 'right' opening question
  • Why the advocate must go behind appearances and find out what is actually bothering the court ... and much more!
This volume of The Dubin Lectures on Advocacy includes the first three lectures from the ongoing series created in 1988.
About the Author

Eddie Greenspan, was one of Canada's leading criminal defence lawyers and founding partner of Greenspan Partners LLP. He acted in some of Canada's highest profile cases as well as being an acclaimed author and lecturer. He passed away in 2014.

The Honourable Ian Binnie, one of Canada's most respected advocates, served for nearly 14 years as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. He has authored more than 170 opinions, including on landmark cases involving issues of patent interpretation and validity, protection of trademarks, media law, commercial disputes, punitive damages, expert evidence and many aspects of constitutional, criminal and administrative law. Over the course of three decades as a litigator, he argued cases in most of the common law provinces and appeared regularly before the Supreme Court on a range of constitutional, civil and criminal matters.
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