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The Interpretation of Contracts, 6th Edition
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The Interpretation of Contracts offers expert guidance in preparing, advising on and disputing agreements. This new edition enables you to construct solid arguments based on the principles laid down by case law, so you are always prepared to face any questions of disputed interpretation. Starting with key principles including the maxims of interpretation, such as the ejudsdem generis rule, it goes through the different components of a basic proposition followed by in-depth analysis and illustrated by the most relevant judicial decisions. You will have the information you need in one reliable source.
  • Explains the principles that the courts use in interpreting contracts
  • Goes through each possible area of dispute in turn
  • Covers the developments in pre-contractual negotiation re drawn by the decision in Chartbrook v Persimmon
  • Discusses important recent case law on implied terms
  • Blank spaces in contracts are reviewed as pertinent entites
  • The role of published precedents is examined afresh
  • The maxim noscitur a sociis rule is discussed at length, as its role in determining meaning remains central to interpretation of the contract
  • The new chapters on force majeure clauses and dispute resolution clauses are also further updated
  • With over 100 new case references from the last two years, this is a clear and concise update of the essential main work
About the Author
Lord Justice Kim Lewison practised at the Bar of England and Wales for over 25 years. He was appointed a judge of the Chancery Division in 2003 and was appointed as a Lord Justice of Appeal in October 2011. He is also the General Editor of Woodfall on Landlord and Tenant.
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