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Approximately 460 pages
1 volume bound

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The Law of Traffic Offences, 3rd Edition
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Handle traffic offences with maximum effectiveness. This book provides a thorough understanding of the offence as well as a way to determine quickly whether all the elements in the charge have been covered. New in this edition is a review of the “street racing” provisions. Other topics include: • challenges to radar evidence • speeding • driving without insurance • procedure in traffic cases • evidence • careless driving • certificate of offence • commercial motor vehicles • appeals in traffic cases • imposing less than minimum fine, and more.
About the Author
Scott C. Hutchison, B.A., LL.B., is counsel at Stockwoods LLP in Toronto whose practice includes civil, regulatory and criminal litigation. Mr. Hutchison was formerly Crown Counsel with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. In addition to representing the Crown regularly at the appellate and Supreme Court of Canada levels, he is actively involved in the policy formulation and implementation process. Mr. Hutchison is also the author of Search and Seizure Law in Canada, and is co-author of Computer Crime in Canada, all published by Carswell.
Justice David Rose is a judge of the Ontario Court of Justice. He was a founding partner at Neuberger Rose LLP and prior to that was an associate at Rosenbaum Neuberger and a partner at Marko Rose Layton Arbuck. Prior to his appointment to the Ontario Court of Justice in 2014, he managed his own practice, focusing on criminal law. Over the course of his career, he has represented clients in the Supreme Court of Canada, Court of Appeal for Ontario, Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Justice. Justice Rose is the co-author of DNA: A Practical Guide and of The Law of Traffic Offences, 3rd Edition, and the editor of Snow's Annotated Criminal Code (Eighth Edition).
Philip Downes is a member of the Toronto law firm Fenton Smith. He formerly worked as counsel at the Crown Law Office — Criminal in the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario. He appears in criminal and quasi-criminal matters in all levels of court. Mr. Downes was a researcher with the Commission on Proceedings Involving Guy Paul Morin.