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Brand Management in Canadian Law, Fifth Edition is the only publication in Canada that brings together the legal and business issues you need to understand when helping clients reach their business objectives through branding. This fifth edition, Brand Management in Canadian Law is written in easy-to-understand language by a specialist in intellectual property and marketing matters.

Current case law, expert analysis, summaries, and checklists make this unique publication an exceptional and thoughtful guide for gaining a clear understanding and overview of the branding process and the legal issues associated with it.

Covering a wide range of topics from choosing a brand name to protecting your brand in cyberspace, this publication has value for both legal and marketing departments. Explore the branding process and how existing Canadian laws apply and discover the impact of consumer perceptions on a brand and the legal implications. Learn about the legal issues associated with brand equity, leverage, and integration. You will also learn why effective brand management policies are so critical in today’s competitive marketplace.

New in this edition

  • A detailed review of trademark reform and commentary concerning the new sections that have been added to the Trademarks Act
  • Commentary concerning the changes made relating to geographical indications
  • A review of the additional amendments brought about by the Budget Implementation Act, 2018 No. 2
  • A review of recent changes relating to branding on the internet, including the impact of the GDPR on Whois information and influencer marketing
  • Commentary concerning Madrid Protocol applications under the Trademarks Act
  • A complete update of relevant case law and practice directives since the previous edition
  • Commentary concerning the amendments to the Industrial Design Act, including international applications for industrial designs under the Hague Agreement
  • Commentary concerning the application of the Competition Act to representations on the internet and social media sites


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Intellectual property


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