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Expert Evidence: 75 Expert Areas

From the start of any engagement, you and your client need expert advice on key evidence issues of the matter and how to resolve them.

Expert Evidence: 75 Expert Areas is comprehensively drafted to fully prepare the everyday litigator for their legal matter, ensuring for example that your pre-trial conferences run smoothly, the questions you put to your experts are the right questions, your time spent in hearings is productive, and ultimately that your client feels they are getting the best advice possible.

Expert Evidence: 75 Expert Areas provides helpful guidance on expert opinions in:

  • Accounting, actuarial, digital evidence, document examination, marketing and valuations
  • Medical, anesthetics, dental, hypnosis, chiropractic, hearing, intellectual disability, pathology, pharmacology, psychology and psychiatry
  • Investigation of remains through pathology, dentistry, entomology, anthropology, osteology
  • Forensic areas commonly found in criminal cases such as crime scene, firearms and gunshot residues, fingerprints, drugs and drug labs, alcohol, memory and identification, forensic speaker identification, hairs and fibres, paint, glass, soil, toolmarks, podiatry, DNA, botany, fires, blood spatter, biology, explosions
  • Environment issues such as water, air, noise, asbestos, tracing the provenance of gold, pesticides, ecotoxicology, food microbiology
  • Transport and structural failures covering road, rail, air and marine, and industrial and workplace
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