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A powerful online research tool designed for lawyers, unions, in-house counsel, human resources professionals and government. LabourSource™ is now available on WestlawNext Canada. LabourSource integrates case law, leading authored works and legislation with functionality that is practical and easy to use. For more information and to view a short demo, please visit westlawnextcanada.com/Laboursource The Essential Edition gives you online access to:
  • Canadian Labour Arbitration, Fourth Edition (Brown & Beatty) - Donald J.M. Brown, Q.C., and David M. Beatty – The leading text on labour arbitration in Canada. It offers a concise and comprehensive record and analysis of the whole body of arbitration developments in Canada over the past 40-plus years.
  • Arbitrations - All available full-text and summaries of labour arbitration decisions, including Labour Arbitration Cases (L.A.C.) (1948 to present) and Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries (C.L.A.S.) (1986 to present).
  • Labour-related court decisions - including decisions reported in the Dominion Law Reports (from 1912 to present) and unreported decisions (from 1977 to present).
  • PDF Images – Law Reports - Labour-related decisions reported in the Dominion Law Reports (D.L.R.) and arbitrations reported in Labour Arbitration Cases (L.A.C.), with headnotes, exactly as they were published in print
  • PDF Images – Originals - PDF images of all available reported and unreported labour-related court decisions as they were released from the courts, including court stamps and signatures, PDF images of all available unreported arbitration decisions (from C.L.A.S. and other collections) as provided by arbitrators, including signatures and PDF images of all available labour board decisions.
  • Legislation - Labour and employment related legislation from all Canadian jurisdictions
The Classic Edition gives you all the content on the Essential Edition plus:
  • Canadian Labour Law, Second Edition (Adams) - The Honourable George W. Adams, Q.C. – The leading labour law text in Canada. It offers a complete and current analysis of collective bargaining laws as they apply to non-government employees across Canada.
  • Willis & Winkler on Leading Labour Case - 2005 to present - The Honourable Warren K. Winkler (Hon.), and Elaine Willis – this annual text identifies the cases and trends that are important to your labour and arbitration practice and your workplace.
  • Board Decisions – labour relations board decisions from across Canada.
  • PDF Images - Originals - of all available labour board decisions as released from the boards, including signatures
Collective Bargaining Module - add-on module to either your Essential Edition or Classic Edition subscription:
  • Collective Bargaining & Agreement (Corry) – this highly regarded service deals with every aspect of collective bargaining process including: union-management relations, preparation for bargaining negotiations, the law and applicable cases, annotated clauses, drafting checklists, precedents, union and management bargaining preparation checklists.
  • Collective Agreement Handbook, A Guide for Employers and Employees, Third Edition (Saxe & McLean) – this practical guide provides you with sample contract clauses and sets out the common concepts of collective agreements and explains the meaning of the standard provisions and their most frequent variations.
  • Collective Agreement Summaries – a collection of over 5,400+ editorially written summaries of collective agreement containing information about contract terms such as wages, holidays, overtime benefits
  • Canadian Labour Reporter – weekly issues, plus an archive of issues from 2012 forward, helping you stay up-to-date in the fast-moving industrial relations field.
  • Labour Market data – includes a table showing employment and unemployment by province and age; a table showing three-month average unemployment rates for economic region; and a graph showing unemployment rates by month.
  • Consumer Price Index data – includes a comparative table and a graph (annual rates of increase).