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Marine Cargo Claims, 4th Edition
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Winner of the Canadian Bar Association’s 2009 Walter Owen Prize.
After 20 years, Professor William Tetley releases a new edition of his acclaimed work: Marine Cargo Claims. Marine Cargo Claims, 4th Edition is a detailed study of the principal legal issues connected to maritime transport law. Twenty years have passed since the third Edition of this book and international carriage of goods by sea law, as well as the whole context of international trade, has changed considerably.
  • This book studies basic civil law, common law and maritime law principles as applied to marine cargo claims in the United Kingdom, The United States, France and Canada, with references as well to the law of other jurisdictions.
  • It reviews the major principles and rules applied historically by the common law and the civil law to the carriage of goods by sea issues, and marine cargo claims in particular, providing a true transsystemic recapitulation of these fundamental concepts.
  • It compares and examines over time the multilateral solutions to marine cargo claims liability issues, as seen in the Hague Rules (1924), the Hague/Visby Rules (1968/1979) and the Hamburg Rules (1978) in relation to major issues of liability for cargo lost or damaged at sea.
  • It also examines the past and recent case-law and writings of the most influential legal authors in the four basic jurisdictions and elsewhere on maritime transport law.
  • It reproduces the most significant legislation.
  • It includes national summaries of the law on marine cargo claims of some 50 countries, written by legal experts from those jurisdictions.
  • Please visit www.marinecargoclaims.com for more detailed information and to download an order form for international orders.
À propos de l'auteur
Professor William Tetley is well known around the world for his career in Maritime Law, whether as a member of committees and associations or as an author. Professor Tetley practiced civil, commercial and maritime law for eighteen years and was a member of the Quebec National Assembly for eight years. He taught law at McGill University, Tulane University and elsewhere for thirty years, and still teaches at McGill University. He has lectured at universities and conferences in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., the U.S.S.R., Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta, Canary Isles, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. He is the author of Marine Cargo Claims, 1966, 1978 & 1988, Maritime Liens and Claims, 1984 & 1998, International Conflict of Laws, 1994, International Maritime and Admiralty Law, 2003, the Glossary of Maritime Law Terms, 2nd Ed., 2004, and The October Crisis, 1970: An Insider’s View, 2006.
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