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Moral Rights 2nd Edition
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Giving you a practical insight into an area not covered by other texts, this new title: • Examines moral rights in the UK in detail and contrasts with that of key EU and international jurisdictions • Discusses the historical treatment of moral rights in the UK • Considers copyright, the paternity right, the right to privacy and transmission of moral rights • Offers a practical and comparative approach to an area about which little has been written • Looks at how moral rights have developed internationally, and examines their treatment in international and regional conventions and treaties • Compares moral rights in more established civil law jurisdictions with those in less developed common law jurisdictions • Examines moral rights in 19 of the key European and international jurisdictions, with each jurisdiction being covered by a local copyright expert • Covers each jurisdiction systematically and comprehensively • Discusses the significant case law from civil law jurisdictions • Includes relevant sections of the Copyright, Patents and Designs Act 1988 for easy reference • Features an extensive bibliography
À propos de l'auteur
Kevin Garnett, QC is the former head of Hogarth Chambers and has been a Legal Member of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office since 2005. He is co-author of Moral Rights.
Gillian Davies is a barrister at Hogarth Chambers and was formerly chairman of a Technical Board of Appeals and member of the Enlarged Board at the European Patent Office. She is a specialist in international intellectual property law with a particular emphasis on the international conventions governing patent law and copyright. She is co-author of Moral Rights.