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Payroll FAQs 2015
Par : Thomson Reuters Payroll Consulting Group
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This book highlights some of the most common questions fielded by Carswell's Payroll Hotline Service

Carswell Payroll Consulting Group (Annie Chong, Theodora Lindsey, Patricia Joncas, Elle Kamensky) and Sheila Brawn Your questions about pertinent payroll issues are answered in this timely book by Carswell's Payroll Consulting Group. Set out in a user-friendly and easy to read "Q&A" format, the book highlights some of the most common questions fielded by Carswell's Payroll Hotline Service. Find easy-to-understand answers to questions on how to handle bonuses, retiring allowances, taxable benefits, allowances and special payments such as outstanding vacation pay and banked overtime, and how these payments are treated in the eyes of the Canada Revenue Agency/Revenu Québec. See what payroll professionals are asking about year-end reporting, Records of Employment, health care levies and workers' compensation premiums. Get answers to employment standards questions on topics such as upcoming minimum wage changes, statutory holiday pay, overtime pay requirements, termination notice and payments and vacation standards across Canada. These Q&As are divided by subject, making it simple to find the answers you need. The book also includes easy-to-follow charts and examples that illustrate payroll compliance requirements. Fifty-five questions and answers are included in this practical guide covering all jurisdictions across Canada. The 2015 Edition of this book has been fully updated to reflect current legislative requirements, tax tables and deduction limits. It also includes five new questions relating to decreasing income tax source deductions, the meaning of "in kind" with respect to EI premiums, employer obligations for a T2200, retiring allowances and employment with an affiliate, and time limits for using banked overtime.
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