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Straight Talk on Terminations
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No one wants to be the one to deliver the news to an employee that he or she is being dismissed. It can be difficult and emotional for everyone involved and the potential impact on the organization in terms of litigated costs can escalate if handled incorrectly. This is why it is so important for supervisors and managers to fully understand their role, from ensuring the decision to terminate is the right one to following a process that enables the dismissed employee to exit with their dignity intact. This guide will provide you with a clear picture of what's involved in the process of dismissing an employee. It highlights factors to consider before finalizing a decision to terminate any employment relationship. This is especially important because as a manager charged with deciding and potentially terminating an employee, you need to be absolutely clear about the nature of the specific situation, including the reasons why an employee may need to be terminated. The guide also explores the elements included in a typical termination package with a view to developing a mutually acceptable offer that can help your organization to circumvent the need for costly litigation. This guide will walk you through the steps involved in setting up and conducting a termination meeting – covering who, what, when, where and how. It helps you look at what you need to do to safeguard your organization from a loss of assets and intellectual property perspective. It also highlights communication needs after the termination – both internally and beyond the organization. The goal is that with preparation, sensitivity and by following a few key points, you will be in a better position to effectively manage what is typically a very difficult process.
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Claudine Kapel is Principal of Kapel and Associates Inc., a human resources consulting firm specializing in compensation design and employee communications. Claudine helps organizations to review their approaches to total compensation and total rewards to enhance their capacity to attract and retain talent and drive desired performance and results. Her areas of expertise include job evaluation, base pay design, pay equity compliance, incentive plan design performance management. In addition, Claudine has extensive experience in developing and implementing change management and communication strategies. Claudine is one of the co-authors of Straight Talk on Managing Human Resources, a guidebook for line managers published by Carswell. She also writes a weekly blog on Compensation and Rewards for Canadian HR Reporter.
Alina Mitchell is a senior consultant with Kapel and Associates specializing in designing and implementing compensation and total rewards strategies and programs that enhance how clients attract, retain, and engage talent. Her work includes developing job evaluation systems, base pay structures, incentive plans, and performance management systems. Alina also has extensive change management experience and supports organizations to effectively address the human resource considerations associated with organizational restructurings and other types of major business change. She also supports clients to achieve and maintain legislative compliance in areas such as pay equity, employment standards, and human rights. Alina is one of the co-authors of Straight Talk on Managing Human Resources.
Barbara Schaaf is a senior consultant with Kapel and Associates specializing in the development of compensation strategies and programs. She has extensive experience across a range of compensation disciplines, including job evaluation, competitive market analysis, the design of salary structures and hourly wage scales and pay equity compliance. She also works with clients to implement performance management systems, including performance management training for managers and employees and competency-based performance management tools. Barb also supports clients in ensuring legislative compliance with respect to human resources matters, including pay equity, human rights, and employment standards. Barb is one of the co-authors of Straight Talk on Managing Human Resources.