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Tax Planning for You and Your Family 2020 (ProView only)
Par : KPMG LLP, Marlene Cepparo, CPA, CA (Toronto), Jeff Howald, CPA, CA, CFP (Waterloo), Carol Bethune, MA (Toronto)
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Tax Planning for You and Your Family – your guide for saving money at tax time and all year round

Editors-in-Chief: Marlene Cepparo, CPA, CA (Toronto), and Jeff Howald, CPA, CA, CFP (Waterloo)
Editor: Carol Bethune, MA (Toronto)

In Canada, taxes are one of the biggest obstacles to the creation and preservation of independent wealth. Whether you're a student, a married or single parent, an executive, or the owner-manager of your own business, this book offers practical, easy-to-understand strategies that can help you keep more of your hard-earned dollars and boost your family's net worth.

Also available in French.

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