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Wealth Ed: Money Management for Ontario Teachers 2nd Edition
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Wealth Ed: Money Management for Ontario Teachers is a financial planning and resource guide written specifically for Ontario teachers in easy to understand language. In addition to examining such broader financial planning issues as Cash Management, Insurance Coverage, Investment and Tax Strategies, Retirement and Estate Planning, this book addresses some key financial issues unique to Ontario teachers. Included; • Explaining how the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (OTPP) works • Preparing teachers for an '85 Factor' retirement • Exploring reduced pensions, the pros and cons of taking CPP early, and why over 90% of teachers elect to receive CPP early • Helping teachers to understanding the rules around credit buy backs and taking the commuted value of their pension • Explaining the integration of different pension plans (e.g. OTPP, CPP, OAS) • Demonstrating the need for teachers to supplement their retirement income and how to prepare for retirement • Understanding survivor pension benefits, and alternative strategies for surviving spouses • Strategies for minimizing the tax implications of receiving a Retirement Gratuity • Providing guidelines for planning 'X over Y' leaves and sabbaticals • Providing a guide to other financial resources available to Ontario teachers www.carswell.com/education TABLE OF CONTENTS
  • Acknowledgments
  • Forward
  • Module 101
    • Money Management 101
    • Investing 101
    • Taxes 101
    • Insurance 101
    • Retirement Planning 101
    • Estate Planning 101
    • The Ten Principles of Wealth Ed 101
  • Module 201
    • Money Management 201: Saving Strategies and Debt Reduction
    • Investing 201: Accounts and Investments
    • Taxes 201: Understanding Your Personal Income Tax
    • Insurance 201: Thinking Through Risk
    • Retirement Planning 201: Understanding your Pension
    • The Ten Principles of Wealth Ed 201
  • Module 301
    • Money Management 301: Developing Money Management Discipline
    • Investing 301: Managing a Portfolio
    • Taxes 301: Tax implications of Investing
    • Retirement Planning 301: Beyond your pension
    • Estate Planning 301: Being Prepared
    • The Ten Principles of Wealth Ed 301
    • Concluding Thoughts: Your Financial Literacy
    • Appendices
    • Index
À propos de l'auteur
John Waldron is involved in financial services training programs in Canada: he is the Academic Director at CSI Global Education Inc. His department within CSI (a Moody's Analytics company) provides training programs for managers and executives of China's financial services institutions. Furthermore, his department creates custom training programs that range from one to four weeks in duration on topics such as wealth management, financial planning, investment banking, risk management, derivatives and compliance. Mr. Waldron expertise on financial management matters stems from his extensive experience in that field as he has worked in the past as a Client Development Manager at CSI Global Education Inc., a Financial Advisor at the Ontario Teacher's Group, and an Investment Advisor at RBC Dominion Securities.
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