Annotated Ontario Rules of Criminal Practice 2020 (Print ProView)

Murray Segal; The Honourable Justice Rick Libman

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Annotated Ontario Rules of Criminal Practice, 2020 interprets the Ontario Rules of Criminal Practice, relating to applications for extraordinary remedies and criminal trial and appeal proceedings. It also includes the full text of the Criminal Appeal Rules and the Superior Court of Justice Rules.

New in this edition:
  • Changes in light of Criminal Code amendments made by Bills C-46 and C-75
  • New Practice Direction concerning 90-day reviews
  • Discussion of recent case law, including the following:
    • R. v. Awashish (S.C.C.)– Certiorari not available to challenge disclosure orders
    • Canada (Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness v. Chhina (S.C.C.) – Application of habeas corpus to refugees
    • R. v. Dennis (Ont. C.A.) – Threshold for awarding costs against counsel
    • Canada (Attorney General) v. Samuel (Ont. C.A.) – Costs on habeas corpus
    • R. v. Gowenlock (Man. C.A.) – Power of judges to make rules to award costs personally against counsel
    • Harvey v. British Columbia (Adult Forensic Psychiatric Services) (B.C. C.A.) – No jurisdiction to appeal failure to order interprovincial transfer or mentally disordered
    • R. v. Ball (Ont. S.C.) – Clarification of s. 653.1
    • R. v. Dancause (Que. S.C.) – Broad application of Case Management powers
    • R. v. Mirzoyan (Ont. S.C.) – No administrative substitute for a change of venue application
    • R. v. Roberts; R. v. Glegg; R. v. Gautreau (Ont. S.C.) – New cases on summary dismissal power of Superior Court of Justice
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