British Columbia Supreme Court Rules Annotated 2021 + CD

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British Columbia Supreme Court Rules Annotated provides you with valuable insights on how to navigate the Supreme Court Civil Rules. It includes the critical information that will help you apply the rules of civil procedure effectively:
  • Full text of the B.C. Supreme Court Rules, Forms, and Appendices
  • Expert commentary and case annotations for the B.C. Supreme Court Rules
  • Table of Substantially Unchanged Rules summarizing the pre-2010 rules that remain substantially unchanged
  • A Civil Rules Concordance that matches every previous 2009 rule with the closest new rule and identifies the relevant changes to each rule
  • Up-to-date information reflecting all amendments to the Rules
  • Supreme Court Family Rules, Forms, and Appendices
  • Court of Appeal, Rules, Forms, and Appendices
  • Other pertinent Acts, including Class Proceedings Act, Court Jurisdiction and Proceedings, Transfer Act, Court of Appeal Act, Court Order Interest Act, Evidence Act, and Interpretation Act
Digests prepared by OnPoint Legal Research
Electronically supplemented for all standing order subscribers on a monthly basis upon request, at no extra charge. British Columbia Civil Practice Advisor is derived from the decisions published in Carswell Practice Cases. It is designed to keep you current and up to date on all significant topics, decisions, and changes with monthly emails.
New in this edition
This edition is current to BC Gazette Vol. 63:11 (June 16, 2020).
All amendments to the rules including amendments to:
  • Supreme Court Civil Rules - B.C. Reg. 104/2019; B.C. Reg. 115/2019
  • Supreme Court Family Rules B.C. Reg. 105/2019
Updates to Court of Appeal Practice Directives, and Supreme Court Administrative Notes and Practice Directions.
Annotations reflecting all recent developments. Cases added to the annotations include:
  • Rule 14-1(1) 567 Hornby Apartment Ltd. v. Le Soleil Restaurant Inc. , 2020 BCCA 69, 2020 CarswellBC 442
  • Rule 22-1(4)(c) Galloway v. A.B. , 2020 BCCA 106, 2020 CarswellBC
  • Rule 6-1(8) - Olson v. Miller, 2019 BCCA 274, 2019 CarswellBC 2142
  • Rule 7-1(10) - Holmberg v. McMullen, 2019 BCSC 1434, 2019 CarswellBC 2513, leave to appeal refused due to mootness, 2019 BCCA 475, 2019 CarswellBC 3803
  • Rule 9-5(1)(a) Walkom v. Law Society of British Columbia, 2019 BCCA 391, 2019 CarswellBC 3288
  • Rule 9-6 Beach Estate v. Beach, 2019 BCCA 277, 2019 CarswellBC 2157
  • Rule 9-7(15) Ferrer v. Janik, 2019 BCSC 1004, 2019 CarswellBC 1732; affd 2020 BCCA 83, 2020 CarswellBC 565
  • Rule 10-1 Neural Capital GP, LLC v. 1156062 B.C. Ltd. , 2019 BCCA 258, 2019 CarswellBC 1999 (Chambers)


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