Brown on Defamation (Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States), Second Edition

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Brown on Defamation (Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States), Second Edition is a comprehensive, authoritative and extremely discerning text that addresses significant new developments in this complex area of legal practice. This landmark text offers an authoritative and comprehensive treatment of defamation law in Canada and elsewhere, and has been cited in more than 400 cases including all of the highest provincial appellate courts and the Supreme Court of Canada. WITH OVER 20,000 CASES CITED, THIS SEMINAL TEXT INCLUDES SUCH TOPICS OF DISCUSSION AS:

  • Analysis of over 20,000 relevant cases, including relevant cases from England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States
  • Cause of action
  • Available defences, practice and procedure, including discovery, pleadings, parties, evidence, costs, and discovery
  • Remedies
  • Charter implications
  • Injurious Falsehood including a closer look at slander of title, disparagement of goods, and interference with prospective advantage
  • Malicious Prosecution including an extensive analysis of the principles of law relating to the initiation and termination of judicial proceedings, reasonable and probable cause, malice, defences to the action and damages
  • Recent case highlights
  • Recent developments of the law relating to the Internet
  • Comparative analysis of special media privileges in England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States
  • Detailed description and commentary on conduct of a defamation action
  • List of sample damage awards
  • Classification of all defamatory imputations
  • Commentary that not only sets out the law but also identifies the underlying principles that guide the courts
  • A concise summary at the beginning of each chapter plus a comprehensive index for the text
  • Separate treatment of topics relating to the communications media, fiction, motion pictures, group defamation, forum and jurisdiction, and limitation and notice provisions
  • Extensive references to scholarly articles and law commission reports
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