Consolidated Canada Business Corporations Act and Regulations 2020, 40th Edition (Print & ProView)

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The 40th edition of the Consolidated Canada Business Corporations Act and Regulations 2020 contains the latest corporate legislation you need while advising your clients. This resource contains the complete text of the Canada Business Corporations Act and Regulations, and Industry Canada Policy Statements and Forms that relate to it.

Easily find the legislation you need with detailed content listings for both the Act and Regulations, and a comprehensive index for the legislation. It also includes a table of concordance showing equivalent sections of the federal, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia Acts.

The 40th edition includes the following updates:

  • Canada Business Corporations Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. C. 44 Amended by 2019, c. 29, ss. 98 (Fr.) 99-101, 141-144 [ss. 142-144 not in force at date of publication.] [section 143(1) amended 2019, c. 29, section 151(3). Conditions not yet satisfied.]
    • Canada Business Corporations Regulations, 2001 (Can. Reg. 2001-512) Amended by SOR/2019-117, ss. 1-3; SOR/2019-225 [To come into force January 15, 2020.]; SOR/2019-258 [To come into force January 1, 2020.]
  • Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, S.C. 2009, c. 23
    • Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Regulation, (Can. Reg. 2011-223) Amended by SOR/2019-224 [To come into force January 15, 2020.]
  • The table of concordance for federal, provincial, and territorial business corporations acts is current to January 15, 2020 (Revision 8)
  • Updates to Forms
    • Form 7 Restated Articles of Incorporation and Instructions
    • Form 9 Articles of Amalgamation and Instructions
    • Form 14 Articles of Reorganization and Instructions
    • Form 14.1 Articles of Arrangement and Instructions
    • Form 15 Articles of Revival and Instructions
    • Instructions for Form 4007 Restated Articles of Incorporation
    • Instructions for Form 4009 Articles of Amalgamation
    • Instructions for Form 4011 Articles of Continuance (import)
    • Instructions for Form 4013 Articles of Reorganization
  • Updates to one Canada Business Corporations Act policy statement issued by Corporations Canada
    • Policy on corrections of articles or certificates.

This consolidation reproduces only the official English language version of the legislation.


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