Domestic Contracts, 2nd Edition

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This recently reworked supplemented service contains a comprehensive collection of precedents and alternative clauses for marriage, cohabitation and separation agreements. Designed by two experienced family law practitioners, this valuable manual is both a basic guide for the general practitioner and a sophisticated set of tested materials for the experienced family law practitioner.


The second edition of this well received service spans two volumes, with the addition of case law annotations to enhance its depth of coverage. Chapter 1 analyzes the law and practice that impact upon domestic contracts. Chapters 2 through 5 focus upon agreements pertaining respectively to marriage, traditional cohabitation, same-gender cohabitation, and separation. These chapters include interview checklists, various sample agreements for typical situations, a master set of clauses, and numerous precedents for variation and termination. Chapter 6 provides precedent Independent Legal Advice forms, and Chapter 7 sets out the legislation and policies relevant to domestic contracts. The service also features research tools, including a detailed table of contents, a comprehensive table of cases and a topical index. This service is based on the laws of British Columbia and Ontario, but is valuable to practitioners in other provinces as it addresses the full range of issues that arise in family law situations and accommodates these matters in well-drafted documents.


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