Evidence in Family Law

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Editor-in-Chief: Harold Niman Associate Editor: Anita Volikis Find out from leading practitioners, academics and accountants how to best obtain, preserve and present evidence with Evidence in Family Law. This unique resource is structured to follow the evolution of a family law case through trial and appeal. It also examines specialized areas of family law such as Charter litigation and child protection proceedings, looking at how to establish the proper evidentiary framework. Topics include:

  • Overview – Harold Niman and Anita Volikis
  • The Provincial Evidence Acts – Aaron Franks
  • The Family Law Rules – Daryl Gelgoot, Deborah Zemans & Erin Chaiton-Murray
  • Electronic Discovery – Melanie Kraft
  • Children's Evidence – Alfred A. Mamo & Joanna E. R. Harris
  • Expert Evidence, Assessments and Judicial Notice: Understanding the Family Context – Nicholas Bala
  • Forensic Evidence: How to Obtain and Present It – Debbie Mackenzie, Andrew Freedman & Alison Thomas
  • Family Law Trials – Gerald Sadvari & Stephen Grant
  • Exclusionary Issues – George Karahotzitis, Patrick Schmidt & Joanna Harris
  • Hearsay and Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule – Rollie Thompson
  • Fresh Evidence and Setting Aside Orders – Anita Volikis & Harold Niman
  • Child Protection Proceedings – Donna Wowk & John Schuman
  • Charter Litigation – Martha McCarthy & Heather Hansen
Also included in Evidence in Family Law:
  • Issues in Focus
  • Words & Phrases
  • Terms Legislatively Defined
  • Canadian Abridgment cross-referencing
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