Information Technology Transactions: Business, Management and Legal Strategies, Third Edition Hardbound Book

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Successful IT transactions begin with reasonable risk management strategies that balance the need to achieve business objectives with resolving legal challenges.

An essential road map for the prescription for IT project success.

This how-to manual provides a comprehensive and detailed examination of all commercial, risk management, contracting and legal issues that arise in the course of planning, negotiating, documenting and closing IT transactions. An "end-to-end" guide for all business managers and professionals involved in an IT transaction, this publication enables all participants to see, at each stage of the transaction, how all parts of the transaction and contract fit together to ensure the projects success.

Based on the book's widely acclaimed and demanded second edition 13 years ago, this text has been thoroughly expanded, updated, enhanced, and comprehensively augmented to stand as the quintessential reference tool for all levels of IT management, procurement managers, project managers, in-house legal counsel, enterprise risk managers, IT project consultants and advisors, and even corporate directors who materially rely on the reliability, security and operational effectiveness of their enterprise's IT infrastructure. This book will serve as the single reference guide to help them successfully and effectively navigate large, mission critical or complex commercial, contracting, compliance, and management challenges to their enterprise's IT transactions.

Information Technology Transactions examines every step of an IT project and transaction including:

  • Planning and preparation for a successful transaction
  • Negotiations leading to transaction
  • Documentation (contracts) required
  • Implementation of the agreement and project
  • Ongoing management of contract performance and the vendor-client relationship

New in this 2021 edition

In addition to all of the book's updated cases, new publication references and IT project developments since the 2nd edition in 2007, at 346 pages (hardcover), the 3rd edition of the book now has 273 pages of new IT transaction best practice material, including:

  • All statutory and common law references are updated
  • Over 100 new publication resources are now referenced
  • Many new legal cases are referenced and discussed
  • New checklists and contextual guidelines have been added
  • Case study review of why large and complex IT projects fail, with a detailed review of best practices
  • Illustrates the application of the book by applying its prescriptions to address: outsourcing and managed services, cybersecurity governance issues, cloud computing service transactions, offshore IT transactions (including US), and enterprise modernization and transformation projects
  • An added focus on Lessons Learned for avoiding IT project failures in the public sector, especially to address consistently repeated IT project mistakes and avoidable transactional mis-steps


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