Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers 2020

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The Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers includes insightful articles covering a variety of topics affecting jurisdictions across Canada, written by leading practitioners. The Canadian College of Construction Lawyers, established in 1998, is comprised of lawyers from across Canada distinguished in the practice of construction law. While construction law is recognized as a specialized practice area, it in fact overlaps several other subject areas, some of which are, in themselves, distinct practice areas, such as:

  • Contract law
  • Tort law
  • Surety law
  • Builders liens
  • Insurance law

In addition, because alternative dispute resolution (primarily mediation and arbitration) has become so widely used in resolving construction disputes, law, and practice relating to mediation and arbitration have become frequent subjects of articles in the Journal. One of the core values of the college is to maintain professional excellence in the study and practice of construction law for which this journal is dedicated to publishing scholarly articles of interest to construction lawyers. The journal is also of use and interest to other construction professionals and academics with an interest in construction law.

What's new in the 2020 edition:

The scope of topics included in the six articles contained in this issue of the journal address some recently arising issues and recurring problems in construction cases, including:

  • Reprisal clauses
  • The recent enactment of legislation affecting prompt payment
  • Interim adjudication and liens
  • Consolidation of arbitrations
  • Limitation period issues
  • The conflict of interest that most design professionals face arising from acting both as designer and as a contract administrator on a construction project


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Construction law


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