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A Commentary on the LCIA Arbitration Rules 2014
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A Commentary on the LCIA Arbitration Rules 2014 is the first full length book on the new LCIA Rules. It provides a thorough assessment of the Rules and their legal and historical context, as well as advice on areas for consideration when choosing the LCIA Rules or conducting an arbitration under them. The 2014 edition highlights the differences and innovations in the new Rules and discusses their implications. The commentary extends to the new Annex, containing Guidelines for legal representatives, and to the Schedule of Costs. The book also provides practitioners with a substantial set of invaluable reference materials for use in conjunction with the Rules. From the first considerations for drafting an arbitration agreement to the conduct of the proceedings themselves, A Commentary on the LCIA Arbitration Rules 2014 is the text to have at your side.
  • Gives both English and international practitioners, whether specialists in arbitration or not, practical background information when choosing or dealing with the LCIA Rules for an arbitration
  • Explains features of administered arbitration under the LCIA Rules and draws comparisons with ad hoc, trade association and other institutional arbitration proceedings
  • Goes through every aspect of the proceedings so you have expert guidance throughout
  • Explains the LCIA's procedures for the selection and appointment of Arbitral Tribunals and Emergency Arbitrators
  • Covers issues that need to be considered when nominating candidates for an Arbitral Tribunal
  • Discusses the challenge, removal or replacement of arbitrators
  • Summarizes and discusses published challenge decisions of the LCIA Court
  • Discusses the changes to the LCIA Rules introduced in 2014, including the Guidelines for legal representatives and the Emergency Arbitrator procedure
  • Includes chapters on LCIA India, DIFC-LCIA in Dubai and MIAC-LCIA in Mauritius
  • Includes a substantial and invaluable set of reference materials for use with the Rules