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Annual Review of Civil Litigation 2017
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Regularly cited by appellate courts across Canada including the Supreme Court of Canada, the Annual Review of Civil Litigation has been providing leading-edge coverage of the issues that matter to you. Each article in the 2017 edition is designed to help you understand how new developments in Canadian law will affect your practice. Topics were carefully chosen and written by authors from across Canada. The Annual Review of Civil Litigation 2017 has a truly national flavour, relevant and appealing to litigators in every province and territory.

Table of Contents

Advocating with Persuasive Authority: The Art and Science of Persuasion — Chapter VII

Justice Todd Archibald and Mark Friedman

Failing to Predict the Past: Will Legal Causation Kill Tort Law in Cyberspace?

R. Lee Akazaki, C.S.

The Power of Securities Commissions to Compel Testimony: A Comparative Perspective

Sophie Melchers, Josée Beaudoin, and Fortunat Nadima Nadima

Disputes over Parental Care when the Dutiful Child Wants to Be Paid

Ruth M. Corbin and Barry S. Corbin

A Canadian Perspective on Insuring the “Next Asbestos”

Heather A. Sanderson

Separate, Independent and Confounding: Understanding Personal Liability for Corporate Acts

Robert Brush and Michael L. Byers

Misrepresentation in a Contractual Matrix: The Evolving Approach to Exclusion Clauses

Diana Edmonds

Civility: A Cornerstone in the Administration of Justice and the Rule of Law

Anne L. Kirker, Q.C., Aditya M. Badami, Sarah Ivany, and Lindsay Bec

Much Ado About § 1782: Compelling American Discovery for Use in Canadian Class Actions

Ian C. Matthews and Fahad Siddiqui

Medical Malpractice: Important Developments in the Law

Maria Damiano

The Profitable and Potentially Perilous Pierringer Agreement

Theresa M. Hartley and Irina Sfranciog

Moving Toward a Standard for Analyzing ‘‘A Good Chance of Success on Motions for Security for Costs

Susie Lindsay

Through the Scratched Looking Glass: Sattva, Ledcor, Teal and Developments in the Law of Contract

Sandra Corbett, Q.C. and Ryan P. Krushelnitzky

Waiver of Liability in Recreation Case

Susan E. Gunter

What Is a New Cause of Action? Post-Limitation Amendments to Pleadings

Sarah W. Corman and Anastasia-Maria Hountalas

Settlement Privilege and Access to Justice

Alissa Goldberg

Admissible Opinion Evidence at Trial: Rules, Restrictions and Limitations of Expert and Lay Opinions

Melanie R. Gaston and Olivia Dixon

The Case for Probate: Not Just a Tax

Arieh Abraham Bloom

Offers to Settle

Itse Ezomo

About the Author

The Honourable Mr. Justice Todd Archibald was appointed to the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario in 1999. He is Co-Director of the Osgoode Hall Law School part-time LL.M. program in Civil Litigation and a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Osgoode where he teaches Advanced Evidence and Advanced Trial Advocacy. Before his appointment, he was a partner at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (as it is now known) where he practiced civil and criminal litigation. He has written numerous articles on civil, criminal and environmental law matters. He is also the co-editor of Annual Review of Civil Litigation and the co-author of Regulatory and Corporation Liability: From Due Diligence to Risk Management. The Honourable Mr. Justice Todd Archibald was awarded the 2015 David Walter Mundell Medal for his contribution to legal writing.