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Builders' Liens in Alberta: Procedure, Law and the Annotated Act, 2017-2018
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Introducing the fastest way to seize the advantage in any situation Until now, dealing with builders' liens in Alberta has been a formidable task. The legislation is difficult, the field itself rife with industry specific, unwritten "rules" that are known only to those immersed in daily practice. As creatures of statute, builders' liens demand strategic considerations not applicable to normal litigation procedure. What's complex for practitioners is even more daunting to non lawyers. For the first time, you have a practical, no-nonsense guide to this complex area. Builders' Liens in Alberta: Procedure, Law and the Annotated Act, 2017-2018 is the only publication to specifically address practical aspects of builders' lien litigation in the province – and to explain, interpret and clarify the Alberta Builders' Lien Act. It's a welcome handbook and daily practice aid for construction lawyers, and an essential guide for non-lawyers and practitioners who must sometimes venture into the area. Discover penetrating insight and practical guidance on builders' liens Construction Lawyers will draw on expert annotation of the Act; find the relevant case law to illustrate interpretations; enjoy quick access to the unwritten "rules" specific to the industry; and rely on a wealth of practice aids – including quick reference guides, checklists and precedents. Contractors and development firms alike will protect their interests with plain-language guidance on practical solutions to builders' lien litigation problems; recommendations for effective strategies; and an insider's illumination of the unwritten "rules" that can propel – or derail – your case. Find Alberta-specific guidance on:

  • Registering a lien
  • Defending against liens
  • Prevenient arrangements
  • Priorities
  • Vendors' liens
  • And more

Until now, any discussion of Alberta's legislation and practice guidelines came as a small part of a broad Canadian overview. Why practise with anything else when you can turn to an Alberta-specific guide written by an Alberta specialist?

About the Author
Bryan G. West is an associate with the McCarthy Tétrault Litigation Group in Calgary who acts for developers, energy companies, information and technology companies, commercial landlords, hotels & resorts, and manufactures, as well as for general contractors, sub-contractors and material suppliers with respect to construction or development related disputes, including complex construction matters such as subdivisions, hotels, commercial property, pipelines and oil sands projects. His practice focuses on commercial litigation and includes, contract, construction, project development, municipal, landlord & tenant (commercial), oil & gas (energy), employment, shareholder and partnership disputes. Mr. West has substantial experience in matters including builders' liens, construction and contract disputes.
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