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CFE Tax: A Guide to Understanding the Basics of Canadian Income Taxation, 6th Edition
By: Jason Fleming, CPA, CA, M.Acc.
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Make the grade on your CFE exam with this easy-to-read guide on Canadian income taxation

CFE Tax: A Guide to Understanding the Basics of Canadian Income Taxation, 6th Edition is an easy-to-read text on federal income taxation in Canada. This book gives readers the necessary technical details and an intuitive, big-picture understanding of income taxation, which is essential for the CFE. The guide focuses on giving students a technical but basic understanding of income taxation and is designed to introduce readers to the basics of income taxation using plain language. Introductory tax texts are normally very lengthy due to the complexity of the Canadian income tax system, but the author of this work has endeavoured to eliminate the highly technical aspects of Canadian taxation and has provided the basic principles in a simple and readable book.

Key features

  • Updated to reflect tax changes over the past few years, including tax changes from the 2018 Federal Budget.
  • Short and easy-to-read textbook on Canadian income tax appropriate for CFE writers (and university and college students), who can use this book in their studies
  • Includes many examples to help explain complex tax topics to readers
About the Author

Jason Fleming is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)/Chartered Accountant (CA) with a master's degree in accounting. Jason has also completed the CICA's In-Depth tax course. He wrote the UFE (i.e., the CA professional exam) in 1999 and ranked 8th in Ontario out of 1,049 writers. Jason has marked the UFE exam for the CICA and has taught tax week at the ICAO's Summer School. He is the author of two books, CFE Case Writing - A Guide to Essential Case Writing Skills for the Common Final Examination, 2nd Edition and CFE Tax: A Guide to Understanding the Basics of Canadian Income Taxation, 5th Edition. Prior to becoming a university lecturer, Jason was a tax manager at a Big-4 accounting firm in Toronto. Jason currently lectures at York University and provides CFE consulting services.