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Corporate Law Partner (Federal & Ontario)
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Corporate Law Partner is a CD-ROM electronic research information tool designed to meet the specific needs of the Corporate Law specialist. Corporate Law Partner includes: · Full text of all of the cases from Business Law Reports · All significant business-related statutes, regulations, forms and precedents · OSC Local Policy Statements, National Policy Statements, Uniform Act Policy Statements · Analysis from: Kingston, Canada Corporation Manual and Ontario Corporation Manual; Gray, Annotated Canada Business Corporations Act and Annotated Ontario Business Corporations Act; Sutherland, Fraser and Stewart: Company Law of Canada, 6th Edition; and Day, Ontario Corporate Procedures. Corporate Law Partner is updated four times per year and offers all of the benefits of the CD-ROM/Folio format, such as keyword searching, hypertext links, and ease of use and access. (1 knowledge worker) Enterprise licence: Call for details
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