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Introduction to the Law and Legal System of Canada
By: Nancy McCormack, B.A., M.A., M.L.I.S., J.D., LL.M., Melanie R. Bueckert, LL.B., LL.M.
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This introductory text is intended to demystify the law and to provide information on the key components of the Canadian legal system including chapters on:
  • The nature of law and competing theories of law
  • Legal pluralism - how the Canadian legal system interacts with various religious legal systems
  • Sources of Canadian law including legislation and caselaw
  • The legal history of Britain, the reception of English law in Canada, the history of Civil Law in Quebec, and the bijural system
  • The Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • The structure of Canadian government
  • Courts across Canada and the work of judges and lawyers
  • Problems regarding access to justice
  • Substantive law including Criminal Law, Property Law, Contract Law, and Tort Law
  • Procedural laws governing civil disputes and criminal prosecutions
About the Author
Nancy McCormack, B.A., M.A., M.L.I.S., J.D., LL.M., is an Associate Professor of Law and Librarian at Queen's University. She teaches legal research and writing to upper year and graduate law students, and has published widely on legal research and librarianship. She is the co-author of The Practical Guide to Canadian Legal Research (2010), Updating Statute and Regulations for all Canadian Jurisdictions (2012), Introduction to the Law and Legal System of Canada (2013), Managing Burnout in the Workplace: A Guide for Information Professionals (2013), and the recipient of the 2014 Denis Marshall Memorial Award for Excellence in Law Librarianship.
Melanie R. Bueckert, LL.B., LL.M., is Legal Research Counsel with the Manitoba Court of Appeal. She has published and presented on a wide variety of law-related topics and is the author of The Law of Employee Monitoring in Canada (2009). She has served as a sessional lecturer at the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Law and is an active member of the Canadian Bar Association, serving as the Chair of the Manitoba Bar Association's Legislation and Law Reform Committee and co-founding its Legal Research Section.