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Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law / Revue de Droit Parlementaire et Politique - Special Issue / Numéro hors-série - Canada's Constitutional & Governance Challenges After 150 Years / Les Défis Constitutionnels et de Gouvernance du Canada Après 150 ans
By: Radhakrishnan (Radha) Persaud, Gregory Tardi, B.A. (Hons.), B.C.L., LL.B., DJur.
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The Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law provides a forum by Co-Editors Radhakrishnan Persaud and Gregory Tardi for the growing body of interdisciplinary legal literature on the subject of "law and politics." National in scope, and comparative in perspective. The Journal includes the following:

  • Introductory Remarks, by Hon. R. Roy McMurtry, Chief Justice of Ontario, 1996 – 2007
  • Constitutional & Governance Challenges for a Country Based on Incomplete Conquests, by Professor Peter H. Russell
  • Governing Under the Constitution - Governing the Constitution, by Hon. Louis LeBel
  • Ceintures fléchées and Wampum Belts: Quebec and Indigenous Peoples in the Canadian Federation, by professor Jean Leclair
  • Beyond Charter Statements: Constitutional Communications in The Parliamentary Context, by Charlie Feldman, House of Commons
  • Canada’s Constitutional & Governance Challenges after 150 Years, by Hon. David Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, 2007 – 2014
  • The Supreme Court of Canada and National Sovereignty, by Professor Radhakrishnan Persaud
  • The SCC’s Dilemma: What to do with Interveners? By Professor Richard Haigh
  • Accountability for Ethical Governance: Canadian Advances over 150 Years, by Professor Ian Greene
  • Deliberative Constitutionalism in Canada, by Professor Hoi L. Kong
  • Legal and Political Constitutionalism in Canada: The First 150 Years, by Warren J. Newman, Senior General Counsel, Department of Justice
  • Federalism, Intergovernmental Relations and Assisted Dying: A Case Study of Federalism in Operation, by Professor Kathy L. Brock
  • Is Federalism a Feminist Issue? The Gender of Division of Powers Jurisprudence, by Professor Kerri A. Froc
  • Canada’s Electoral Democracy At 150, by Marc Mayrand, past chief Electoral officer
About the Author

Radhakrishnan (Radha) Persaud is a Professor in the Department of Political Science at the Glendon Campus and at the School of Public Policy and Administration, York University. He holds degrees from the University of Toronto and Queen's University. Dr. Persaud's areas of expertise are constitutional law, parliamentary government, federalism and public policy and administration. His publications are in the areas of public law and constitutional government. Professor Persaud's current area of research is on the advisory role of the Supreme Court of Canada in intergovernmental relations and conflict resolution during the 1979-2014 period. Professor Persaud has received awards for his teaching from both the Glendon Campus and York University. Dr. Persaud is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law

Gregory Tardi, B.A. (Hons.), B.C.L., LL.B., DJur., is Senior Legal Counsel in the Office of the Law Clerk and Senior Parliamentary Counsel at the House of Commons in Ottawa. He provides advice on constitutional law and on the law and custom of Parliament to the Speaker of the House of Commons, to the Board of Internal Economy, to all Members of the House of Commons, and to the House Administration. Mr. Tardi has worked in various capacities for several government departments, including the Privy Council Office, the Department of Justice, and Elections Canada. Mr. Tardi teaches at the Faculty of Law, McGill University and has lectured throughout Canada and the U.S. He has published several books and dozens of articles.