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Manitoba Queen's Bench Rules 2019
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Get insightful interpretation of the Queen's Bench Rules

In a single source, Manitoba Queen's Bench Rules 2019 gathers the civil and criminal rules. With this convenient, easy-to-use resource, you have access to the rules and the amending information that updates them. This comprehensive biennial publication is fully updated, completely indexed, and thoroughly cross-referenced. It includes:

  • Queen's Bench Rules (Civil and Criminal)
  • The author's explanatory notes that introduce and aid in interpreting the Rules

New in this edition

The Manitoba Queen’s Bench Rules were fully updated to reflect all changes in the rules up to and including Man. Reg. 14/2018.

The commentary has been updated to reflect recent rule amendments.

The index to the rules has been rewritten and updated to include all recent legislative updates.

About the Author
Karen Busby is a Professor of Law at the University of Manitoba. Professor Busby was one of the original editors of the Manitoba Queen's Bench Rules Annotated looseleaf service when it was developed and published by the Manitoba Legal Research Institute.