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Ontario Assessment Legislation, 2018-2019 Edition
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This resource offers a thorough collection of the latest statutes, regulations, and amendments in Ontario.

Consulting Editors: Jack Allen Walker, Q.C., and Andy Anstett

Prepared in consultation with two experts on assessment matters, this resource offers you a thorough collection of the latest statutes, regulations, and amendments. Get direct access to:

  • Assessment Act and regulations
  • Assessment Review Board Act and ARB Rules of Practice and Procedure
  • Adjudicative Tribunals Accountability, Governance and Appointments Act, 2009
  • City of Toronto Act, 2006 (selected sections and regulations)
  • Condominium Act, 1998 (selected sections)
  • Education Act (selected sections and regulations)
  • Judicial Review Procedure Act
  • Legislation Act, 2006
  • Municipal Act, 2001 (selected sections and regulations)
  • Municipal Affairs Act
  • Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and regulations
  • Municipal Property Assessment Corporation Act, 1997
  • Municipal Tax Assistance Act and regulation
  • Payment in Lieu of Taxes Act and regulation
  • Provincial Land Tax Act, 2006 and regulations
  • Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 (selected sections and regulation)
  • Retirement Homes Act, 2010 (selected section)
  • Rules of Civil Procedure (selected rules)
  • Statutory Powers Procedure Act

New in the 2018-2019 edition

Amendments to the following legislation:

  • Further refinement of condominium law in Ontario the vast quantity of amendments introduced by the Protecting Condominium Owners Act continue to come into force, impacting the provisions selected for this title.
  • Transition from the Ontario Municipal Board (or O.M.B.) to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (or L.P.A.T.) including amendments to the City of Toronto Act, 2006 and the Municipal Act, 2001.
  • Other recent amendments including those introduced by the Building Better Communities and Conserving Watersheds Act, 2017; the Strengthening Quality and Accountability for Patients Act, 2017; the Stronger, Fairer Ontario Act (Budget Measures), 2017; the Safer Ontario Act, 2018; and the Fairness in Procurement Act, 2018.
About the Author

Jack A. Walker, Q.C. is an experienced lawyer and partner with the Toronto law firm Walker Longer and Associates LLP where he has practised assessment law before all the various tribunals and courts in Ontario. One of the founders of the Ontario Association of Assessment Lawyers and the International Property Tax Institute, Mr. Walker has lectured extensively on the topic of assessment law. He was a member of the legal committee of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).

Andy Anstett is the former Chair and CEO of both the Manitoba Municipal Board and the Ontario Assessment Review Board. As Minister of Municipal Affairs in Manitoba in the 1980s, he was responsible for the introduction of market value assessment reforms. He has written and lectured extensively on Ontario assessment and property tax legislation and provided advice to both governments and taxpayers respecting property assessment, taxation and legislative frameworks across Canada and internationally. Andy was Director of Legislation and Policy Support Services with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation and subsequently served as Senior Policy and Issues Advisor in the MPAC President's Office until 2016.


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