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Ontario Lawyer's Phone Book, 2019 Edition
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Includes Email Addresses

As the most complete directory of Ontario lawyers, law firms, judges and courts, this directory widens its scope beyond just lawyers’ listings by covering every aspect of the legal community.


  • more than 26,600 lawyers
  • more than 8,700 law firms and corporate offices
  • fax and telephone numbers, email addresses, office locations and postal codes
  • listings for every city in Ontario

Year after year, subscribers continue to depend on the credibility, accuracy and currency of this directory.


  • Federal and provincial judges
  • Federal courts, including federal government departments, boards and commissions
  • Ontario courts and services, including provincial government ministries, boards and commissions
  • The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario
  • Small claims courts
  • Miscellaneous services for lawyers
  • Contact information that is current, up to date and easy to find.
  • Alphabetical tabs on every page for quick reference
  • Complete address information in every lawyer’s listing
  • Special binding that allows the directory to lay flat when opened and stay flat
  • "Blue pages" to highlight government listings

Professional card advertising is accepted in Ontario Lawyer’s Phone Book. Plus, you can enhance your listing by having it appear in bold type and receive a copy of the book itself at an all-inclusive price.

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