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Raindance II: A Blueprint for Growing Your Practice - Large Firm Edition
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"If you are unable to work with Gary or one of his team of coaches, then this book will provide you with the information you need to effectively focus your business development efforts. Follow the steps outlined here with the same amount of energy and focus that Gary put into creating them and there is no doubt in my mind you will achieve your goals." - From the foreword by Christopher Rusnak, Partner, Harper Grey LLP

Raindance II: A Blueprint for Growing Your Practice - Large Firm Edition has been designed and written as a Guide Book for lawyers who want to learn and start to practice effective approaches to business development. It takes the reader through the creation of a business plan, which involves target-market research through to completing an action plan to implement.

Raindance II: A Blueprint for Growing Your Practice - Large Firm Edition also includes tips on everything from the initial introduction and how to network effectively, to developing or enhancing presentation skills and getting published, to following up and building relationships, to just about everything else a lawyer needs to do to become successful at business development.

What's New in the Large Firm Edition:
Building on the first Raindance edition, the author offers up his proprietary coaching methodology (TST™), guiding you in becoming more Targeted, Strategic and Tactical in your approach to client acquisition.  The new edition includes various updates to strategies lawyers can take to find new clients, build relationships, and learn more about prospective and existing clients. The Large Firm Edition also takes into account the sizeable team of professionals lawyers can leverage for support at the larger firms.

About the Author
Gary Mitchell is the Founder and Principal Business Development Coach of On Trac Coach. He has been helping generate millions of dollars in new revenues since 2005. His clients report an average of 700% return on their investment. They report having more confidence and focus. They appreciate his entrepreneurial drive, and with that, his fresh perspective to the business of law. They point to the fact that after working with Gary, they even enjoy business development where they had not in the past.

Gary has worked with lawyers from first-year call to 30-year veterans. His clients come from all across Canada. They include solo-practitioners and associates and partners from small, medium and large national firms and cross numerous practice areas.

Gary is the first and to-date, only Lawyer Coach in Canada to have a book published on Business Development for lawyers. This is his second published book. Gary welcomes your feedback on this book and can be reached at

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