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The 2018 Annotated Canada Labour Code (Thomson Reuters ProView)
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Gain expert insight, extensive case annotations and commentary in the 2018 Annotated Canada Labour Code.

For more than 25 years, Ronald Snyder's Annotated Canada Labour Code has been the "bible" among federal labour practitioners. Ron's annotations provide essential insights into the Code, and make this book the necessary resource for preparing any case before the Canada Industrial Relations Board. This 2018 Edition of the Annotated Canada Labour Code digests the new decisions that have been rendered by the CIRB, OSH Appeal Board, adjudicators, referees and the courts since the publication of last year's Edition.

“Ron Snyder’s Annotated Canada Labour Code is a comprehensive and indispensable compendium of Board jurisprudence, both pre and post legislative amendments of 1999. The Annotated Code also includes a review of  relevant cases and comments pertaining to Part II of the Code (Occupational Safety and Health) as well the Regulations enacted under each part of the Code.  It has become an essential reference tool for all labour relations practitioners who work in the federally-regulated sectors and who wish to obtain insights into the application and interpretation of the Canada Labour Code and the rights and obligations that it confers on the various parties in the workplace.  Mr. Snyder is to be commended for contributing such an important work to the library of reference materials on labour law and for his commitment to keeping the tool updated and relevant for practitioners.”

     Ginette Brazeau, Chairperson of the Canada Industrial Relations Board

What's New

  • Digests of more than 100 new decisions from the CIRB, OSH Appeal Board, adjudicators, referees and the courts since the publication of last year's Edition.
  • New commentary on the repeal of the Employees' Voting Rights Act which required the holding of a mandatory secret ballot in respect of certification applications, and the return to the predecessor legislation that permits automatic certification in the absence of any vote taken.
  • Case law and commentary under Part I includes clarifications of the 'substantial interference test' under section 8; whether a union owes a duty of procedural fairness to its members when determining whether to refer grievances to arbitration; and the scope of powers bestowed on arbitrators.
  • Part II includes insight into the interpretation and application of the s.122 definition of "danger” and of the employer's obligations under ss. 124 and 125.
  • Part III canvases decisions including the Federal Court's consideration of the impact on the s.240 process resulting from a complainant's unilateral withdrawal of a complaint.  The notion of "economic justification" under section 242(3.1(a) is discussed, and a comparison of powers is undertaken in respect of referees acting under s.251.11(1) and s.251.101(7) of the Code.

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About the Author
Ronald M. Snyder is a partner in the firm of Fogler Rubinoff. His practice focuses on labour and employment and he is a member of the Ontario and B.C. Bar and is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in labour law.
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