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The 2018 Annotated Employment Insurance Act
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A fully up-to-date consolidation of the Employment Insurance Act and its related regulations

Understanding employment insurance problems has never been easier with this new edition of your go-to reference guide. Features include:

  • Legislation - A fully up-to-date consolidation of the Employment Insurance Act and its related regulations give you access to the primary law
  • CUBs - Canadian Umpire Benefits decisions represent the front lines of unemployment insurance law; and this valuable handbook reviews and digests these numerous and hard-to-find decisions in an organized and coherent manner.
  • Case Law - Federal Court of Appeal decisions - look no further than this work for annotations of all relevant Federal Court decisions that interpret and shape employment insurance legislation
  • Commentary - Knowledgeable commentary provides you with the practical analysis that you need to understand a complicated regime
  • Related Provisions - Useful cross-references to related provisions of the Act and regulations puts the legislation in context.


1. Updated Statutes and Regulations

2. The Budget Implementation Act 2017 made significant changes to Special Benefits

3. Significant cases

  • Canada Employment Insurance Commission v. M.P. 2017 SSTADEI 216

           The criteria for accepting new evidence at the Appeal Division

  • Hood v. Canada (A.G.) 2016 FCA 141
  • The Federal Court of Appeal has no jurisdiction to entertain an appeal over a decision of the Appeal Division refusing leave to appeal
  • Canada Employment Insurance Commission v. F. A., 2016 SSTADEI 528
    CUB (Umpire) decisions have persuasive value, but are not precedents
  • d. B. H. v. Canada Employment Insurance Commission 2016 SSTADEI 468
    Summary dismissals are not to be used routinely.