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When I Die: Financial Planning for Life and Death, 2019
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Gain improved understanding of estate planning and the tax implications of death

This book is a guide on how to minimize taxes on death. Set up as a practical workbook, this guide educates readers using a simplified explanation of a rather complex area of tax for the non-professional. Readers benefit by gaining an improved understanding of what estate planning is, the tax implications of death, and the opportunity to plan an effective tax strategy to enhance the estate's net worth and minimize taxes on death. This book will help prepare readers for the intricate process of estate planning and save their estate money by reducing the tax burden. This new edition reflects tax changes from the March 22, 2018 Federal Budget.

New in this edition

  • Clarification of Graduated Rate Estate tax rules
  • Update on tax treatment of estate donations
  • Changes to the value of Graduated Rate Estate donations
  • Non-Graduated Estate donations
  • Current 2018 tax and probate rates
About the Author

Garry R. Duncan, FCPA, FCA, was a senior tax partner with BDO Dunwoody LLP. He retired in 2005 but continues to consult on retirement, estate and expatriate planning. He was a Director and Past Chairman of the Financial Planners Standards Council.

Mr. Duncan is the author of Canadians Resident Abroad, dealing with Canadian expatriates, Migration to Canada, When I Die: Financial Planning for Life and Death and Guide to the Family Business, Canadian Edition 2003. He has presented numerous seminars and speeches for the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Canadian Association for Financial Planners, the International Association of Financial Planners, Ontario Dental Association and the Strategy Institute. In addition, he has been featured in Canadian Lawyer, Your Money, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Offshore Finance Canada and CA Magazine.

Andrew G. Duncan, BBE, PFP, CIM®, is an Estate and Trust Advisor with the Private Client Group of a Canadian bank. Andrew has over 20 years' experience dealing with people who have issues with their estates and estate planning.