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Aboriginal & Treaty Rights Practice

Mary Locke Macaulay


Native Law

Jack Woodward, Q.C.



Judicial Review of Administrative Action in Canada

Donald J.M. Brown, Q.C., and The Honourable John M. Evans


Practice and Procedure Before Administrative Tribunals

Robert W. Macaulay, Q.C., and James L.H. Sprague


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Commercial Arbitration in Canada: A Guide to Domestic and International Arbitrations

J. Kenneth McEwan, Q.C., and Ludmila Barbara Herbst


Drafting ADR and Arbitration Clauses for Commercial Contracts: A Solicitor's Manual

Wendy J. Earle


Innovative Dispute Resolution: The Alternative

John P. Sanderson, Q.C., and Richard H. McLaren


Civil Practice & Procedure

Annotated British Columbia Court Order Enforcement Act

William D. Holder and John C. Fiddick


Annotated British Columbia Law and Equity Act

Gregory S. Pun, A. Wolfgang Rao, and Charlotte C. Gregory


The Art and Science of Advocacy

John A. Olah


Choate on Discovery, 2nd Edition

Gordon Cudmore


Civil Appeals

Donald J.M. Brown, Q.C.


Class Actions in Canada

The Hon. Mr. Justice Ward Branch


Electronic Documents: Records Management, E-Discovery and Trial

Bryan Finlay, Q.C., Marie-Andrée Vermette, and Michael Statham


Guide to Ontario and Federal Limitation Periods

Daphne A. Dukelow


Holmested and Watson: Ontario Civil Procedure

Garry D. Watson, Q.C.


Interlocutory Proceedings

Christopher Wirth


The Law of Privilege in Canada

Robert W. Hubbard, Susan Magotiaux, and Suzanne M. Duncan


Manitoba Queen's Bench Rules Annotated

Karen Busby


Nova Scotia Annotated Rules of Practice

David S. Ehrlich


Supreme Court of Canada Manual: Practice and Advocacy

Eugene Meehan, Q.C., Jeffrey Beedell, and Marie-France Major



Advising the Family-Owned Business

Robert M. Halpern


Annotated British Columbia Societies Act

Dierk Ullrich and Darrell Wickstrom


The Art of Drafting the Commercial Contract

Barry D. Lipson, Q.C.


Business Legal Adviser

Gary Rossiter


Canada - U.S. Commercial Law Guide

Alison R. Manzer


Canadian Advertising and Marketing Law

David M.W. Young and Brian R. Fraser


Canadian Franchise Guide, Second Edition

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP


Canadian Trade Law: Practice and Procedure

Lawrence L. Herman


Competition Law Service

George N. Addy and William M. Vanveen


Electronic Commerce: A Practitioner's Guide

Alan M. Gahtan, Martin P.J. Kratz, Q.C., and J. Fraser Mann


Export Controls & Economic Sanctions: A Guide to Canadian Trade Restrictions

Lawrence L. Herman


Fiduciary Duties in Canada

Mark Vincent Ellis


Fiduciary Duties: Obligations of Loyalty and Faithfulness

Michael Ng


Franchise Legislation in Canada

Peter Dillon


Gaming Control Law in Ontario

Jacqueline R. Castel


Law of Confidential Business Information

The Honourable Julie A. Thorburn and Keith G. Fairbairn


Limited Partnerships

Lyle R. Hepburn and William J. Strain


Outsourcing Transactions: A Practical Guide

John Beardwood and Gabriel M.A. Stern


A Practical Guide to Canadian Partnership Law

Alison R. Manzer


Procurement Review: A Practitioner's Guide

David Attwater


Technology Contracting: Law, Precedents and Commentary

Bradley Limpert



Canadian Charter of Rights Annotated

Melanie Dunn and Andrew Bernstein (Founding Authors: Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C., and John B. Laskin)


The Charter of Rights in Litigation: Direction from The Supreme Court of Canada

Mahmud Jamal and Matthew Taylor


Constitutional Law of Canada, 5th Edition

Peter W. Hogg, Q.C.


Constitutional Litigation in Canada

Andrew K. Lokan and Christopher M. Dassios


Constitutional Remedies in Canada, 2nd Edition

Kent W. Roach



Construction, Builders' and Mechanics' Liens in Canada, 7th Edition

David I. Bristow, Q.C., Duncan W. Glaholt, R. Bruce Reynolds, and Howard M. Wise


Guide to Builders' Liens in British Columbia

David A. Coulson and Dirk Laudan


Heintzman and Goldsmith on Canadian Building Contracts, 5th Edition

Thomas G. Heintzman, Q.C., and Immanuel Goldsmith, Q.C.


Manual of Construction Law

Howard M. Wise


Scott and Reynolds on Surety Bonds

Kenneth W. Scott, Q.C., and R. Bruce Reynolds



Annotated British Columbia Business Corporations Act

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP


The Annotated British Columbia Business Corporations Act, 3rd Edition

Deborah Cumberford


The Annotated Business Corporations Act of Alberta, 3rd Edition

Brenda-Jean Currie


Annotated Ontario Business Corporations Act

Stephen N. Adams, Q.C.


The Annotated Ontario Business Corporations Act, 2nd Edition

Wayne D. Gray


British Columbia Corporation Manual, 2nd Edition

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Robert G. Owen


Business Corporations in Canada - Legal and Practical Aspects

Paul Martel


Canada Business Corporations Manual, 2nd Edition

Jack Quinn


Corporate and Practice Manual for Charities and Not-For-Profit Corporations

R. Jane Burke-Robertson, Terrance S. Carter, and Theresa L.M. Man


Corporate Meetings: Law and Practice

Hartley R. Nathan, Q.C., Mihkel E. Voore, and Kathleen Skerrett


Directors and Officers in Canada: Law and Practice

Carol Hansell


Gray's Commentaries on Federate Corporate Law (formerly The Annotated Canada Business Corporations Act)

Wayne D. Gray


Ontario Corporate Law & Practice

Wayne D. Gray


Records and Information Management

Richard Loranger and Stephen Cronkwright


Regulatory and Corporate Liability: From Due Diligence to Risk Management

The Honourable Mr. Justice Todd L. Archibald, Kenneth E. Jull, and Kent W. Roach



Admissibility of Statements, Ninth Edition

The Honourable René J. Marin


Annotated British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act

Michael Libby and Alex Choi


Assessing Dangerousness: A Guide to the Dangerous Offender Application Process

Joseph A. Neuberger, Justice Marcy Henschel, and Justice Pieter Joubert


Balancing Charter Interests: Victims' Rights and Third Party Remedies

Joan Barrett


Breathalyzer Law in Canada: The Prosecution and Defence of Drinking and Driving Offences, 4th Edition

R.M. McLeod, Q.C., Judge J.D. Takach, and Murray D. Segal


Canadian Charter of Rights: The Prosecution and Defence of Criminal and Other Statutory Offences

R.M. McLeod, Q.C., Judge J.D. Takach, Murray D. Segal, and H.F. Morton, Q.C.


Canadian Criminal Code Offences

John L. Gibson and Henry Waldock


Canadian Criminal Procedure, Sixth Edition

The Honourable Roger E. Salhany, Q.C. 


Canadian Sentencing Digest Quantum Service

R. Paul Nadin-Davis and Clarey B. Sproule, Q.C.


Carswell's Forms and Precedent Collection: Criminal Law Precedents, 2nd Edition

The Honourable Mr. Justice David Watt and Mr. Justice Joseph Di Luca


Commercial Crime in Canada

Michael Brent Henderson


Crimes Against Children: Prosecution and Defence

Rebecca S. Zaretsky


Criminal Code Driving Offences: A Companion Text for Breathalyzer Law in Canada

R.M. McLeod, Q.C., Judge J.D. Takach, and Murray D. Segal


Criminal Law Evidence, Practice and Procedure

John L. Gibson and Henry Waldock


Criminal Pleadings & Practice in Canada, Second Edition

The Honourable Mr. Justice E.G. Ewaschuk


Criminal Practice Manual: A Practical Guide to Handling Criminal Cases

Christopher A.W. Bentley


Criminal Trial Handbook

The Honourable Roger E. Salhany, Q.C.


Disclosure and Production in Criminal Cases

Murray D. Segal


DNA: A Practical Guide

Justice David S. Rose and Dr. Lisa Goos


Drug Offences in Canada, Fourth Edition

Bruce A. MacFarlane, Q.C., Robert J. Frater, Q.C., and Croft Michaelson, Q.C.


A Guide to Breathalyzer Certificates in Canada

Alan Pearse


The Law of Bail in Canada, 3rd Edition

The Honourable Mr. Justice Gary T. Trotter


The Law of Fraud and Related Offences

Brenda L. Nightingale


Law of Publication Bans, Private Hearings and Sealing Orders

James Rossiter


Manual of Motor Vehicle Law, 3rd Edition

Murray D. Segal


Martin’s Criminal Code: Counsel Edition

Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C., The Honourable Justice Marc Rosenberg, and Marie Henein


McWilliams’ Canadian Criminal Evidence, Fifth Edition

The Honourable Justice S. Casey Hill, David M. Tanovich, and Louis P. Strezos


Mental Disorder in Canadian Criminal Law

Joan Barrett and Justice Riun Shandler


Procedure in Canadian Criminal Law, 2nd Edition

Tim Quigley


Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering: Includes Analysis of Civil Forfeiture and Terrorist Financing Legislation

Peter German


Search and Seizure Law in Canada

Scott C. Hutchison


Sentencing Drug Offenders

Adam Steven Boni and Andrew M.C. Sabbadini


Sentencing: The Practitioner's Guide

Gary R. Clewley, Paul G. McDermott, and Rachel E. Young


Sexual Offences in Canadian Law

Hamish C. Stewart


Snow's Annotated Criminal Code

Justice David S. Rose


Weapons Offences Manual

Justice Peter J. Harris and Justice Miriam H. Bloomenfeld


Wiretapping and Other Electronic Surveillance: Law and Procedure

Robert W. Hubbard, Peter M. Brauti, and Scott K. Fenton


Working Manual of Criminal Law

John M. Gordon, Q.C., and Susan Brown


Youth Criminal Justice Act Manual

Justice Peter J. Harris and Justice Miriam H. Bloomenfeld



British Columbia Debtor - Creditor Law and Precedents

Lyman R. Robinson, Q.C., and R.C. Di Bella


Debt Collection: A Step-by-Step Legal Guide

Marcia J. Fraser


Debt Litigation

Michael G. Tweedie


Frauds on Creditors: Fraudulent Conveyances and Preferences

Mel Springman


Employment & Labour

Canadian Employment Law

Stacey Reginald Ball


Canadian Employment Law Answers

Editors of Canadian Employment Law Today®, Stuart E. Rudner, Tim Mitchell, Colin G.M. Gibson, Brian Kenny, Q.C., Brian G. Johnston, Q.C., and Peter Israel


Canadian Labour Law, Second Edition

The Honourable George W. Adams, Q.C.


Clarke's Canada Industrial Relations Board

Graham J. Clarke


Collective Bargaining and Agreement

David J. Corry


The Duty to Accommodate in Employment

Kevin D. MacNeill


Education Labour and Employment Law in Ontario, Second Edition

Victoria Réaume and Sheilagh Turkington


Employee Obligations in Canada

James A. D'Andrea, Q.C.


Employment Law Manual: Wrongful Dismissal, Human Rights and Employment Standards

The Hon. Mr. Justice John R. Sproat


Employment Standards Handbook, Third Edition

Kimberly A. Parry and David A. Ryan


Evidence and Procedure in Canadian Labour Arbitration

Gregory J. Brandt, Morley Gorsky, S.J. Usprich, and Matthew Wilson


Illness and Disability in the Workplace: How to Navigate Through the Legal Minefield

James A. D'Andrea, Q.C.


Judicial Review in Labour Law

Richard J. Charney and Thomas E.F. Brady


Just Cause: The Law of Summary Dismissal in Canada

The Late Honourable Mr. Justice Randall Scott Echlin and Matthew L.O. Certosimo


Labour Relations Board Remedies in Canada, Second Edition

Jeffrey M. Andrew


The Law of Dismissal in Canada, Third Edition

Howard A. Levitt


Ontario’s Equity Laws

Cheryl J. Elliott


Pension Benefits Law in Ontario

Andrea Boctor and Mariana MacIntosh


Remedies in Labour, Employment and Human Rights Law

Labour and Employment Group Field LLP, James Casey, and Ayla Akgungor


Trade Union Law in Canada

Michael Mac Neil, Michael Lynk, and Peter Engelmann

Workers' Compensation Practice in Alberta, 2nd Edition

Douglas R. Mah


Wrongful Dismissal

David Harris


You're Fired! Just Cause for Dismissal in Canada

Stuart E. Rudner


Energy & Natural Resources

Davis LLP's British Columbia Forestry Law: An Annotated Guide

Garry E. Mancell and Brian D Gilfillan


The Electricity Industry in Canada

Gowling WLG, Energy and Infrastructure Industry Group


Energy Regulation in Ontario

Glenn Zacher and Patrick Duffy



Annotated Guide to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

Joseph F. Castrilli


Blakes' Canadian Endangered Species Law

Janice H. Walton


Business Guide to Environmental Law

David Estrin


Canadian Environmental Assessment Act: An Annotated Guide

Beverly Hobby


The Law of Climate Change in Canada

Dennis Mahony


Ontario Environmental Protection Act Annotated

Paula Lombardi


Ontario Water Law

Julie Abouchar and Theresa McClenaghan


The Prosecution and Defence of Environmental Offences

Stanley D. Berger


Estates & Trusts

Annotated Ontario Estates Statutes, 2nd Edition

Brian A. Schnurr


Compensation and Duties of Estate Trustees, Guardians and Attorneys

Jennifer J. Jenkins, H. Mark Scott, and Edward Olkovich


Estate Administration: A Solicitor's Reference Manual

Anne E.P. Armstrong


Estate Litigation, 2nd Edition

Brian A. Schnurr


Estate Planning Precedents: A Solicitor's Manual

Lindsay Ann Histrop


Miller Thomson on Estate Planning

Miller Thomson LLP, Marty Rochwerg, Editor-in-Chief


Tax Planned Will Precedents, 4th Edition

Alison Scott Butler, Q.C.


Widdifield on Executors and Trustees, 6th Edition

Carmen S. Thériault



Civil Evidence Handbook

Gordon Cudmore


Electronic Evidence in Canada

Graham Underwood and Jonathan Penner


Visual Evidence: A Practitioner's Manual

Elliott Goldstein, B.A., J.D.



Alan W. Mewett, Q.C., and Peter Sankoff



Canadian Divorce Law and Practice, 2nd Edition

James C. MacDonald, Q.C., and Lee K. Ferrier, Q.C.


Child Custody Law and Practice

James G. McLeod


Child Protection Law in Canada, Second Edition

Lynn M. Kirwin and Lauren Stringer


Child Support Guidelines: Law and Practice, 2nd Edition

James C. MacDonald, Q.C., and Ann C. Wilton


Child Support Guidelines Service

Terry W. Hainsworth


Cohabitation: The Law In Canada

Winifred Holland and Barbro Stalbecker-Pountney


Domestic Contracts, 2nd Edition

Hugh G. Stark and Kirstie J. MacLise


Enforcement of Family Law Orders and Agreements: Law and Practice

Ann C. Wilton and Judy Miyauchi


Evidence in Family Law

Harold Niman


Family Law in Ontario: A Practical Guide for Lawyers and Law Clerks

Michael G. Cochrane


Financial Principles of Family Law

Andrew J. Freedman and Christine Sawchuk


Handling a Family Law Matter in Ontario

Gary S. Joseph


The Law of Domestic Conflict in Canada

T. Catherine Christopher, Q.C.


Law and Practice Under the Family Law Act of Ontario, Revised Edition

James C. MacDonald, Q.C., and Ann C. Wilton


Matrimonial Property Law in Canada

James G. McLeod and Alfred A. Mamo


Ontario Family Law Act Manual, Second Edition

Terry W. Hainsworth


Vulnerable Persons - Protection and Remedies in Canada

Lynn M. Kirwin, Toni Nieuwhof, Andrew Cox, and Livia Jozsa


Finance & Banking

Bills of Lading: The Law and Practice

Lazar Sarna


Law in International Finance

Alison R. Manzer


The Law of Banking and Payment in Canada

Bradley Crawford, Q.C.


Law of Cheques and Promissory Notes

Lazar Sarna


Letters of Credit: The Law and Current Practice, 3rd Edition

Lazar Sarna



Canadian Emergency Management and Response Manual: A Guide to the Law and Practice

Norm Keith


Canadian Film & Television  Business & Legal Practice

Tony Duarte and Bob Tarantino


Canadian Telecommunications Law and Regulation

Michael H. Ryan


Government Liability: Law and Practice

Karen Horsman and Gareth Morley


Lobbying in Canada / Lobbyisme au Canada

Pierre B. Meunier, André Turmel, Guy W. Giorno, and Peter Hyndman


Military Law and Operations

Dr. Chris Madsen


Health Law

Canadian Pharmacy Law

Marie Berry


Drug and Health Products Law in Canada

Me Mathieu Gagné


Health & Safety

ABC's of OH&S - Ontario

Dilys Robertson


Annotated Occupational Health and Safety Act

Deanna Exner, Gráinne McGrath, and Jeremy Warning


Best Practices: Health & Safety

Dilys Robertson


Canadian Health and Safety Law: A Comprehensive Guide to the Statutes, Policies and Case Law

Norm Keith


Health & Safety Compliance Toolkit - Ontario

Dilys Robertson


Ontario Health and Safety Law: A Complete Guide to the Law and Procedures, with Digest of Cases

Norm Keith


The TDG Compliance Manual - Clear Language Edition

Dave Rebbitt


Human Resources

Best Practices: Communication Issues in Human Resources Management

David E.Tyson and Hugh Secord


Best Practices: Employee Retention and Engagement

David E. Tyson


Best Practices: Employment Policies That Work

Joan A. Bolland and Ellen E. Mole


Best Practices: Human Resources Benchmarking

Colin Dawes


Best Practices: Human Resources Forms Toolkit

Ellen E. Mole, Joan A. Bolland, and Laurie Blake


Best Practices: Job Descriptions Toolkit


Best Practices: Recruitment and Selection

Lyndsey Jones


Best Practices: Termination

Hugh Secord


Best Practices: Training and Development


Develop Your Own Employee Handbook

Ellen E. Mole and Joan A. Bolland


Powerful Employment Policies

Lauren M. Bernardi


Human Rights

Annotated British Columbia Human Rights Code

W. Anita Braha


Discrimination and the Law

William Pentney


The Law of Human Rights in Canada: Practice and Procedure

The Honourable Justice Russel W. Zinn


A Legal Guide to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005

Sunil Kapur and Kate McNeill-Keller



Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Inadmissibility Law, 2nd Edition

Mario D. Bellissimo


North American Relocation Law

Benjamin A. Kranc


A Practical Guide to Provincial Nominee Programs in Canadian Immigration Law

Randolph K. Hahn and David Garson



Canadian Commercial Reorganization: Preventing Bankruptcy

Richard H. McLaren


Debt Restructuring: Principles and Practice

John D. Honsberger and Vern W. DaRe 


Priority of Crown Claims in Insolvency

Francis L. Lamer


Secured Transactions in Personal Property in Canada, 3rd Edition

Richard H. McLaren



The Annotated British Columbia Insurance (Vehicle) Act, 2nd Edition

Eleanor A. Gregory and George F.T. Gregory


Annotated Commercial General Liability Policy

Mark G. Lichty and Marcus B. Snowden


The Annotated Insurance Act of Ontario

John P. Weir, (Hons.) B.Comm., LL.B., LL.M.


Good Faith in Canadian Insurance Law

Roderick S.W. Winsor


Insurance Law in Canada

Craig Brown and Thomas J. Donnelly


Property Damage Claims Under Commercial Insurance Policies

Richard Krempulec, Q.C.


Intellectual Property

Annotated Patent Act

Bruce Stratton


Canadian Copyright Act - Annotated Robic

Hugues G. Richard and Laurent Carrière


Canadian Patent Act Annotated, Second Edition

Robert H. Barrigar, Q.C., and Andrew Shaughnessy


Canadian Trade-Marks Act - Annotated Robic

Hugues G. Richard


Fox on Canadian Law of Copyright and Industrial Designs, 4th Edition

John S. McKeown


Fox on Canadian Law of Patents, 5th Edition

Donald MacOdrum


Fox on Canadian Law of Trademarks and Unfair Competition, 4th Edition

A. Kelly Gill


Intellectual Property Disputes: Resolutions and Remedies

Ronald E. Dimock


The Law of Domain Names & Trade-marks on the Internet

Sheldon Burshtein


Life Sciences Law in Canada

Adrienne M. Blanchard


Odutola on Canadian Trade-mark Practice

Bayo Odutola, Karen Hansen, and Sylvie-Émanuelle Bourbonnais


Sookman: Computer, Internet and Electronic Commerce Law

Barry B. Sookman


Landlord & Tenant

Annotated British Columbia Residential Tenancy Act

Allan J. Wotherspoon


A Commercial Tenancy Handbook

Richard Olson


Ontario Residential Tenancies Law, Second Edition

Robert G. Doumani, Carol A. Albert, and Joy Overtveld


Williams and Rhodes' Canadian Law of Landlord and Tenant, 6th Edition

Christopher A.W. Bentley, John McNair, and Mavis J. Butkus


Legal Research & Writing

Sanagan's Encyclopedia of Words and Phrases, Legal Maxims, Fifth Edition

Susan Donahue


Municipal & Planning

Annotated British Columbia Local Government Act and Community Charter

Peter Johnson


Annotated Land Development Agreements

John Mascarin and Paul De Francesca


The Annotated Municipal Act, 2nd Edition

Stephen Auerback and John Mascarin


Canadian Law of Planning and Zoning,  2nd Edition

Ian MacF. Rogers, Q.C., and Alison Scott Butler, Q.C.


The Law of Canadian Municipal Corporations, 2nd Edition

Ian MacF. Rogers, Q.C.


Municipal Lands: Acquisition, Management and Disposition

Quinto M. Annibale


New Law of Expropriation

John A. Coates and Stephen F. Waqué


Ontario Planning Practice: Annotated Statutes and Regulations

WeirFoulds LLP, Bruce Engell


Ontario Property Tax Assessment Handbook, Second Edition

Jack A. Walker, Q.C., and Jerry Grad



Federal Access to Information and Privacy Legislation Annotated

Professor Michel W. Drapeau and Me Marc-Aurele Racicot


Government Information: The Right to Information and the Protection of Privacy in Canada, Second Edition

Kris Klein and Denis Kratchanov


The Law of Privacy in Canada

Barbara McIsaac, Q.C., Rick Shields, and Kris Klein


Privacy Law in the Private Sector: An Annotation of the Legislation in Canada

Jeffrey A. Kaufman


Real Estate

Anger & Honsberger Law of Real Property, Third Edition

Anne Warner La Forest


Condominium Law and Administration, 2nd Edition

Audrey Loeb


Falconbridge on Mortgages, Fifth Edition

Walter M. Traub


Lamont on Real Estate Conveyancing, 2nd Edition

Donald H.L. Lamont, Q.C.


The Law of Vendor and Purchaser, 3rd Edition

Victor DiCastri, Q.C.


Marriott and Dunn: Practice in Mortgage Remedies in Ontario, 5th Edition

Gowling WLG, Recovery Services Group


McCarthy Tétrault's Annotated British Columbia Strata Property Act

Scott D. Smythe and E.M. (Lisa) Vogt


Registration of Title to Land

Victor DiCastri, Q.C.


Toxic Real Estate Manual

Frederick Coburn and Gabrielle K. Kramer


Regulation of Professions

Accountants' Liability in Canada

Ronald Foerster


Annotated British Columbia Legal Profession Act

Gordon Turriff, Q.C.


A Complete Guide to the Regulated Health Professions Act

Richard Steinecke


Conflicts of Interest: Principles for the Legal Profession

M. Deborah MacNair


Lawyers & Ethics: Professional Responsibility and Discipline

Gavin MacKenzie


Professional Liability in Canada

John A. Campion and Dianna W. Dimmer


The Regulation of Professions in Canada

James Casey, Q.C.


Self-Governing Professions: Digests of Court Decisions

Keith R. Hamilton



Civil Asset Forfeiture in Canada

Jeffrey Simser


Damages: Estimating Pecuniary Loss

Cara Brown


Damages for Breach of Contract, 2nd Edition

Ronald M. Snyder and Harvin D. Pitch


Damages for Personal Injury and Death - Digest Service

Immanuel Goldsmith, Q.C., Anthony Duncan, and Adele Turgeon


Injunctions and Specific Performance

The Honourable Justice Robert J. Sharpe


The Law of Costs, 2nd Edition

Mark M. Orkin, Q.C.


The Law of Damages

Stephen M. Waddams


The Law of Restitution, Looseleaf Edition

Peter D. Maddaugh, Q.C., and John D. McCamus


The Oppression Remedy

David S. Morritt, Sonia L. Bjorkquist, and Allan D. Coleman


Remedies in Tort

Lewis N. Klar, Q.C.



The Law of Financial Derivatives in Canada

Margaret Grottenthaler and Philip J. Henderson


Securities Law and Practice, 3rd Edition

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP



Accident Benefits in Ontario

The late James M. Flaherty and Catherine H. Zingg


Annotated British Columbia Occupiers Liability Act

Eric J. Wagner


Brown on Defamation (Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States), Second Edition

Raymond E. Brown


Canadian Defamation Law and Practice

Randy A. Pepper, David S. Morritt, Randall Stephenson, and Jordan Ross


The Oatley-McLeish Guide to Personal Injury Practice in Motor Vehicle Cases

Rikin Morzaria, Lindsay Charles, Robert Durante, and Troy Lehman (Founding Authors: Roger G. Oatley and John A. McLeish)


Product Liability: Canadian Law and Practice

Lawrence G. Theall, J. Scott Maidment, Teresa M. Dufort, and Jeffrey A. Brown