ProView Resources 


The ProView Practice Series provides the resources you need to get started with ProView and to get the most from your eBooks and eLooseleaf titles.

Getting Started

Access ProView on your devices, navigate your Library Main Page, and download titles to your library. (3:48)

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Search & Navigation

Use search and filter tools on ProView to find and navigate titles in your library. (3:45)

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Advanced Search

Modify and save search queries, filter results, and use search setting capabilities to enhance your search experience. (3:55)

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Creating Annotations

Add three types of annotations – bookmarks, highlights, and notes – to ProView titles. (3:37)

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Importing Annotations

Import bookmarks, highlights, and notes to a new version of a title and manage displaced ones with annotation tools on ProView. (3:34)

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Create & Share

Share excerpts or entire sections of text from any book in your library. (2:46)

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Additional Information

Browse ProView product brochures, download complimentary content, and more.  Check back here often, as materials will be continuously added.

Product Brochures

To Ensure that Justice is Done: Essays in Memory of Marc Rosenberg (PDF)


Complimentary Content

Law Libraries' Digital Revolution: More Firms Are Moving to e-Book Collections (PDF)

Case Study: McCarthy Tétrault and Thomson Reuters ProView® (PDF)


Press Release

Thomson Reuters ProView™ Expands Mobile e-Book Access for Professionals via New iPhone® App